Bangkok tourist guide

Our next destination is Bangkok! This Thai city is known for its fabulous street food; Thailand in general is known for having amazing street food, and there are not many dishes that cannot be found in a street stall, food court, or open marketplace. You’ll get to serve up lots of different street foods during your trip to the city. Make sure to bring your walking shoes and your appetite!

Skewer stand

Our first stop in Bangkok is at a street stand specializing in grilled seafood skewers. We can also snag dessert and a drink here too. Here is the grill’s typical menu:

  • Crab cake skewer
  • Crab stick skewer
  • Squid skewer
  • Octopus skewer
  • Crab cake & crab stick skewers
  • Crab cake & crab stick skewers with hot chili sauce
  • Crab cake & crab stick skewers with watermelon
  • Crab cake & crab stick skewers with hot chili sauce & watermelon
  • Squid & octopus skewers
  • Squid & octopus skewers with hot chili sauce
  • Squid & octopus skewers with watermelon
  • Squid & octopus skewers with hot chili sauce & watermelon
  • Rolled ice cream
  • Rolled ice cream with berry wafers
  • Fruit smoothie

Seafood skewers

The seafood skewers come in 4 different varieties: crab cake, crab stick, squid, and octopus. One only type of seafood will go on each skewer. They can also be paired; crab cake and crab stick and be paired together, while squid and octopus may also wind up on a plate together. To start cooking a seafood skewer:

  1. Tap on the type of seafood you want to move up to the grill.
    • Starting at the top-left corner of the four seafood types and moving clockwise, the choices are: crab cake, crab stick, octopus, & squid.
    • Once the skewer finishes cooking, it will move to the center counter automatically to await plating.
  2. If you want to serve a single skewer, tap on it to move it to the center plate on the counter.
  3. Tapping the plate will then serve the skewer to a customer.
    • If you want to serve multiple skewers, tap the two skewers you want to pair up (doesn’t matter which one is first), and then tap the plate in the center once it has both skewers on it.

The skewers can also come with two garnishes: hot chili sauce and watermelon. Customers may ask for them together or separately.

  • The hot chili sauce is found underneath the center counter on the right side.
  • The watermelon is in a dish directly to the left of the hot chili sauce.
  • Tapping once on a garnish will move it onto the center plate to join any skewer plated there. For customers who like both refreshing and spicy, both garnishes can be added to the center plate by tapping on first one garnish and then the other.

Above the center plate and the resting areas for the cooked skewers are plates that can hold skewers that do not match a current customer’s order. This is a lot like the pizza plates back in Rome; you can use those plates to store plated skewers by tapping on the center plate when the combination of ingredients on the center plate do not match a customer’s order. The “extra” plate of food will then wait on the plates until a customer’s request matches the waiting dish.

Ice cream

On the left side of our stand is an area where we can make and serve ice cream. Unlike previous desserts, this one has an optional topping: berry wafers. The berry wafer are already prepared, so there’s no need to do any cooing for the topping.

The ice cream will, however, require some prep time. To start the ice cream chilling:

  1. Tap on the round plate at the bottom-right corner. The ice cream will plate itself in bowls when it is done.
  2. From there, you can either serve it as plain ice cream or tap a berry wafer to add the garnish to the bottom-most ice cream dish.

Fruit smoothie

A fruit smoothie is a great way to stay cool in the streets of Bangkok; yours are mixed up in the mixer located underneath the left-side counter. They automatically fill up when a level starts, and they will refill without prompting after a fruit smoothie is served. A quick tap on a smoothie glass will serve it to a waiting customer.

Tips & tricks

Our seafood skewer stand is a lot like the churrascaria back in Rio, so its upgrades are similarly important. Giving yourself more grill space so multiple skewers can be queued up at the same time is crucial to getting dishes to customers in a timely fashion. As soon as you have the currency needed to upgrade the seafood grill, go ahead and do so!

Another neat feature of the skewers is that they can be piled up all around the center plate. You can have up to 4 skewers of each type cooked and waiting to be plated. This helps cut down on the wait time. If you can prepare a few different types of skewers and have them waiting before the first customer shows up, you have a great head start! You can then use any brief window of free time to add more skewers to the grill and add to your stockpile. The waiting piles can be crucial when you reach later levels!

Noodle stand

The second restaurant you visit in Bangkok serves grilled tilapia and one of the most iconic dishes of Thailand: pad thai. Here’s a menu of possible orders for this stand:

  • Tilapia
  • Tilapia with garlic seafood sauce
  • Tilapia with green papaya salad
  • Tilapia with garlic seafood sauce & green papaya salad
  • Pad thai
  • Pad thai with shrimp
  • Pad thai with green onions
  • Pad thai with lime
  • Pad thai with shrimp & green onions
  • Pad thai with shrimp & lime
  • Pad thai with green onions & lime
  • Pad thai with shrimp, green onions, & lime
  • Dragon fruit
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Dragon fruit with pineapple
  • Dragon fruit with watermelon
  • Pineapple with watermelon
  • Dragon fruit with pineapple & watermelon
  • Coconut milk


On the right side of the counter is a grilling area perfect for cooking up whole fish. That’s what you’ll be doing in this stand! To start your tilapia:

  1. Tap on the fish located underneath the counter on the right side to start grilling a fish.
  2. When it is done, tap on the grill to move the fish over to a plate on the right side of the center counter.
  3. The fish can be served without any fancy garnishes or side dishes by tapping on a plate with nothing but a beautiful whole fish on it.

You will also have customers ask for one (or both) of the possible sides. To the right of the plated tilapia is a column where we can find those sides.

  • At the top of the column is a serving dish of dark garlic-seafood sauce.
  • Below the sauce dish is a holding area for green papaya salad. The green papaya salad, unlike most side dishes, must be made. To make the green papaya salad, tap on the right side of the long dish to start chopping the components of the salad. Once they are chopped, they will automatically move to the holding dish so they can be added to the tilapia as needed.

As usual, it does not matter in which order the two sides are tapped. If you need to add them to a single plate, tap on one and then the other to move them to the bottom-most plated tilapia.

Pad thai

This classic rice noodle dish may be the most well-known dish from the region. It also has the distinction of being the national dish of Thailand. For a good pad thai, the noodles must be stir-fried, so that’s how you’ll start your dish:

  1. Tap on the noodles located underneath the area where the center counter meets the left-side counter to start cooking them.
  2. When the noodles are finished, tap on the pan to move the pad thai over to the plate on the left side of the center counter.
  3. The pad thai can then be served in a simple style by tapping on the plated noodles.

You’ll also be offering 3 different ways to finish the noodles. All 3 possible additions can be found underneath the center counter. From left to right, they are: lime, shrimp, and green onions.

Each of these ingredients can be added to the plate of pad thai noodles in any order, and customers may ask for any combination of the ingredients. A single tap on an ingredient will add it to the bottom-most plated pad thai that does not already have that ingredient on it. Tapping the plated dish once you’ve added all the necessary ingredients will serve the dish to the requesting customer.

Fruit plate

Thailand is home to an amazing variety of tropical fruits. It would be a shame not to sample them while in Bangkok! In this food stand, you have 3 popular fruits available to add to a fruit plate. These fruits can be added in any order and may be requested in any combination of fruits. They can also be requested individually.

All 3 fruits are located in dishes on the right half of the left-side counter. From top to bottom, the fruits are: watermelon, pineapple, and dragon fruit.

Like you saw back with the cheese plate back in Paris, the fruit plate has only one serving plate. This means that each request for a fruit plate must be made to order. Tapping on a fruit that you do not need for a current order means you’ll have to either wait and hope for another order to come in that does need that fruit, or the fruit plate will need to be trashed and started over again.

Coconut milk

The final offering of this food stand is fresh coconut milk. As this is the stand’s beverage, it follows the same rules as beverages you’ve seen before. The coconut milk will ready itself as soon as the level starts, and replacement coconuts will gradually become available after you tap on one to serve it. The coconut milk can be found on the left edge of the left-side counter.

Tips & tricks

Very much like the cheese plate in Paris, the fruit plate in this stand can be the trickiest to navigate. Having only one serving plate for the dish means that multiple orders for fruit plates can keep you very busy at that station for longer than you might like. It’s important to balance the need to complete those fruit plate orders with the necessity of making sure your other dishes are cooking or have enough waiting on plates to help make serving them quick.

If you do happen to get several fruit plate orders at the same time, work through them based on which customer has the most patience. A customer with a bar in the yellow or red needs to be handled right away; those still in the green can probably wait a few seconds while you get out other orders.

Rooftop restaurant

Your last stop in Bangkok takes you off the streets and up onto a beautiful rooftop restaurant where your customers (and you!) are treated to a fabulous view on top of the fabulous food. Here is a list of the possible combinations in this restaurant:

  • Crab
  • Crab with jasmine rice
  • Crab with lettuce leaves
  • Crab with soy sauce
  • Crab with jasmine rice & lettuce leaves
  • Crab with jasmine rice & soy sauce
  • Crab with lettuce leaves & soy sauce
  • Crab with jasmine rice, lettuce leaves, & soy sauce
  • Rice & sprouts
  • Rice & sprouts with cucumber
  • Rice & sprouts with eggs
  • Rice & sprouts with shrimp
  • Rice & sprouts with cucumber & eggs
  • Rice & sprouts with cucumber & shrimp
  • Rice & sprouts with shrimp & eggs
  • Rice & sprouts with cucumber, eggs, & shrimp
  • Tom yam
  • Tropical fruit drink


Grilling a whole crab makes for an impressive presentation on the serving plate. You’ll be using the grill on the far-right side of the counter to grill up your crabs. The crabs themselves are located underneath the counter with the grill. To start:

  1. Tap on a crab to move it up to the grill so it can start cooking.
  2. When it is done, tap on the grill to move the crab over to a plate on the right side of the central counter space.
  3. Tap on the crab on its plate to serve it without any extra ingredients.

There are 3 possible sides available for the grilled crab. These sides are arranged in a column to the right of the plated crab. From top to bottom, they are: soy sauce, jasmine rice, and lettuce leaves. When an order comes in requesting multiple sides, you can tap on the desired sides in any order. They will automatically add to the bottom-most plated crab that does not yet have the chosen side on it.

Rice & sprouts

To start stir-frying the humble base for this dish:

  1. Tap on the bowl underneath the left-side counter directly below the cooking pans. This will move a serving up to the pan to get it cooking.
  2. When it’s done, tap on the pan to move it to its plating area on the left side of the center counter.
  3. The rice & sprouts can be served right away by tapping on dish once it has been plated.

Customers like their toppings and garnishes, though, so you might as well give them some options for those too. Underneath the center counter are the 3 possible sides for the rice & sprouts. Moving from left to right, those ingredients are: shrimp, cucumber, and eggs. As you’re probably used to by now, these ingredients can be added to a plated serving of rice & sprouts by tapping once on the desired ingredient. If multiple sides are requested by a customer, they can be tapped in any order. The sides will always first go onto the bottom-most plated rice & sprouts that doesn’t yet have the side being tapped.

Tom yam

Tom yam soup is a hot-and-sour soup usually cooked with shrimp, lots of herbs, and generous doses of spices. You do not have to worry about balancing flavors though. To make the tom yam soup, tap on the big soup pot in the bottom-left corner underneath the left-side counter. When the soup finishes, it will dish itself into individual bowls on the counter directly above the soup pot. Tapping on one of these servings will hand it over to a waiting customer.

Tropical fruit drink

After the spicy tom yam soup, your customers may be craving a cool drink. Thankfully, you have a ready supply of tropical fruit drinks at the top-left corner of the left-side counter. This drink follows the same rule as the other beverages you’ve encountered. All you need to do is tap on the drink when you want to serve it. The magical refill pitcher will take care of the rest.

Tips & tricks

With 2 dishes that both have 3 possible sides, the center of the kitchen can get a little bit hectic. Specifically, the cucumber for the rice & sprouts can be tricky to spot at a quick glance, so keep an eye out on the bottom-left edge of the rice & sprouts serving plate for the small green circles of cucumber.

Other than that, this restaurant is all about balancing the center of the counter. Upgrading capacity, as usual, may help you keep up with the orders when they start flying fast in later levels. With a bit of practice, you’ll be an expert at this restaurant in no time!

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