Tokyo tourist guide

Welcome to Tokyo, where you’ll learn to roll sushi and bust out bento boxes with the best chefs in the world! This guide will walk you through how to prepare the food, the costs of upgrading each restaurant, and what tips will help you become a culinary superstar.

Sushi bar

Our first stop in Tokyo is going to be a sushi bar! There's no better way to quickly jump into Japanese cuisine. Our menu includes:

  • Sushi with salmon
  • Sushi with mackerel
  • Sushi with omelet
  • Ramen
  • Ramen with beef
  • Ramen with beef & green onions
  • Ramen with beef & egg
  • Ramen with beef, egg, & green onions
  • Ramen with green onions
  • Ramen with green onions & egg
  • Ramen with egg
  • Tea


Sushi is a staple in Japanese cuisine. What better way to start our trip to Tokyo than at a sushi bar! To start making your sushi:

  1. Tap on the sushi rice located on the lower right corner of the left counter. This will plate 3 different shapes of sushi rice on the plates on the left - square, triangle, and oval.
  2. Tap on the appropriate topping, located above the sushi rice to fit what the customers ask for. Toppings can be salmon, mackerel, or omelet.
    • Make sure to tap the plate you want to add the topping to before selecting the topping.
  3. When the sushi is ready to be served, tap the sushi to move it to the sushi plate. If the customer wants more than one piece of sushi, prepare those pieces and plate them on the same plate.
  4. When ready, tap the plate to give it to the customer.


Ramen is a great dish to get on the go. Many places in Japan serve them at standing restaurants, but it looks like you'll be serving them in an awesome lounge! To prepare the ramen:

  1. Tap the ramen located in the lower right corner of the counter.
  2. When the ramen is finished cooking, tap it to move it to the ramen bowl.
    • Tap on any additional toppings, such as beef, eggs, or green onions, if the customer is requesting them.
  3. When ready, tap the bowl to give it to the customer.


With all the tasty options we have at the sushi bar, we'll need something to quench our customers' thirst. You'll be serving tea here. To serve it just tap on the tea pot located on the far right side along the edge of the counter. Once the cup is filled, tap on it to serve the customer.

Tips & tricks

The different shapes of sushi rice can be a little tricky to keep track of. Make sure to tap the plate with the sushi rice shape you want to add a topping to before selecting the topping. This will make sure that the correct plate g


boxes packed with food for businessmen on the go. Your restaurants isn't in such a hurry, and has plenty of space and time to have customers sit and enjoy their stay. While here, your customers can order:

  • Bento box with egg
  • Bento box with egg & carrots
  • Bento box with eggs, carrots, & peas
  • Bento box with carrots
  • Bento box with carrots & peas
  • Bento box with peas
  • Bento box with peas & egg
  • Marzipan cat (green)
  • Marzipan cat (green) with blackberries
  • Marzipan cat (green) with strawberries
  • Marzipan cat (green) with chocolate stick
  • Marzipan cat (yellow) with blackberries
  • Marzipan cat (yellow) with strawberries
  • Marzipan cat (yellow) with chocolate stick
  • Marzipan cat (red) with blackberries
  • Marzipan cat (red) with strawberries
  • Marzipan cat (red) with chocolate stick
  • Jelly
  • Soda

Bento box

bento box is a meal-to-go, usually packed with rice, meat and a pickled side. Your restaurant will have a simpler vegetarian approach! To start your bento box:

  1. Tap on the rice located in the lower right corner under the counter. This will start cooking the rice in the pots directly above.
    • If a customer wants additional food, like eggspeas, or carrots, just tap them!
  2. Once the rice is done cooking, and additional toppings have been added, just tap on the bento box to serve it to your customer.

Marzipan cat

Fun shaped treats are very common in Japan. You'll be serving some cute marzipan cats in three different colors: green, yellow, and red. To start this dish:

  1. Tap the appropriate colored dough located under the counter in the center of the screen. This will move it to the cooler on the left.
  2. When the marzipan is done cooling, tap on it again to move it to a plate.
    • Tap on any additional toppings, such as blackberries, strawberries, or chocolate sticks, if the customer is requesting them.
  3. Tap the plate to serve it to the customer.


This sushi bar is full of fun treats! Another cute dish you'll be serving is fun-shaped jelly. When a customer orders jelly, tap on the jelly cooler located in the lower left corner under the counter. When it's done cooling, tap on the cooler again to place it above the cooler. Tapping on it will serve the customer.


If your customers are thirsty, you'll be serving sodas to help them out. To serve a soda, just tap on the green soda bottle located on the top of the counter on the right side. Once the glass is filled with soda tap on it once more to serve the customer.

Tips & tricks

The bento boxes have 3 different fillings: eggs, carrots, and peas. The one topping that needs more prep is the egg. Once you tap the egg, it'll start cooking in a pan on the counter. Make sure to keep an eye on the egg. With how busy the restaurant gets, it's easy to get busy and accidentally have it burn!

Sashimi & seafood grill

Japanese cuisine often includes seafood. Japanese seafood is known around the world as being some of the best, so a sashimi & seafood grill joint would be a perfect place to run! At this grill you'll be serving up:

  • Sashimi (tuna, eel, fugu)
    • Sides: soy sauce, wasabi, pickled daikon
  • Shrimp roll
  • Shrimp roll with celery
  • Rice rolls
  • Sushi with lobster
  • Sushi with seaweed salad
  • Sushi with fish eggs
  • Sushi with lobster & seaweed salad
  • Sushi with lobster, & seaweed salad, & fish eggs
  • Sushi with seaweed salad & fish eggs
  • Sushi with fish eggs & lobster
  • Green tea



Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces. You'll be serving 3 different kinds of sashimi in this restaurant: tuna, eel, and fugu. Fun fact! Fugu is Japanese for puffer fish! To start your sashimi:

  1. Tap on the raw fish located under the counter in middle. This will start slicing them. Once their done, they will move to the sashimi boards on top of the counter.
  2. Tap on the sashimi to plate it on the sashimi plates in the middle of the counter.
    • Some customers will want more than one kind of sashimi. Tap on all the ones the customer wants to plate them.
    • Some customers will want condiments. These include soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled daikon. Tap all the ones the customer wants to plate them.
  3. Once the sashimi plate is ready, tap to serve the customer.

Shrimp rolls

There's no shortage of seafood here! There's nothing like a good crunch from a freshly grilled shrimp roll. To start the roll:

  1. Tap the shrimp under the counter in the lower right corner. This will place shrimp on the grill above to start grilling.
  2. Once the shrimp is done grilling, tap on it to more it to a plate.
  3. Tap the plate to serve the customer.
    • Some customers will want a side with their role. The side will be celery located to the left of the shrimp in the lower right corner. Tap on the celery to add it to the shrimp roll plate.

Assorted sushi

When there's so many fun foods to try, it's hard to pick just one thing! Some customers will ask for an assorted sushi platter. To get this started:

  1. Tap on the rice under the counter in the far left corner. This will place it on the stove above to start cooking.
  2. Once the rice is done cooking, tap it to move it to a serving dish.
    • Customers will often want additional things with their rice. This includes lobster, seaweed salad, and fish eggs. Tap any that the customer is asking for to plate it with the rice.
  3. Once the platter is done, tap it to serve the customer.

Green tea

Green tea is a very popular, and healthy, drink in Asia. Originally from China, it's popularity has spread to many other Asian countries, as well as to the West. You'll be serving this awesome drink to customers as well. Just tap on the green tea cup on the counter to the right. The teapot will automatically refill the next cup.

Tips & tricks

Keeping up with the multiple orders of assorted dishes can be a real challenge! Especially for the sashimi. Make sure to prep the sliced fished before an order comes up. This will knock some time off when preparing sashimi, and will keep you a step ahead when a lot of orders come in.

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