Tournaments introduce a new way to play against others!

How do the tournaments work?

You'll be placed in a group with other players. Group match ups are random. You can not pick who you play with.

After you've won a level, follow the prompt to enter a name and share your score!

If your game is linked to Facebook, your name will auto-populate.

How do I advance to the next league?

If you finish in the top 20% of players in your leaderboard, you'll advance to the next league.

If you finish in the bottom 20% of players in your leaderboard, you'll move down to the previous league.

As you advance to higher leagues, the prizes for getting a top position will get better and better!

The names of the leagues, from lowest to highest, are:

  1. Apprentice
  2. Line Cook
  3. Prep Cook
  4. Sous Chef
  5. Head Chef

Please note if you are in the top 2 leagues (Sous Chef or Head Chef), you can only score points in the tournament if you are in the latest unlocked city. This means that to compete in the toughest league, you will need to play levels in the latest city.

How long will the tournament last?

Tournaments will be active for a limited time only. Make sure to catch the tournament before time runs out!

How do I get prizes?

You'll win a prize if you place in the top 6 positions in your group.

How can I change my avatar on the leader board?

You can change your avatar by tapping on it and selecting a different character from the list. You can not upload a personal photo.


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