Offerwall Spoon Offers

Earn Spoons by completing special 3rd-party offers!


How do I find these offers?

Offerwall offers can be found in the Shop (tap the shopping cart icon).

1. Select the Free tab in the top-right corner of the Shop

2. Choose Offers on the bottom left (as shown below)

Keep in mind that as with most special promotions, these offers may not always be available. We apologize if you are not seeing them currently.


After selecting the Offers option, you'll see a list of available offers, and the Spoon reward for completing each. Tap on an offer to see a link and more information on completing it.



What if my Spoon reward does not appear?

As mentioned in-game, please note that while most rewards appear within the hour, it may take up to 24 hours for your Spoon reward to appear in your total.

If your reward still does not appear, you can contact the support team at TapJoy directly from the game!


Here are the steps to take:

1. From the list of offers, tap the icon showing 3 lines, in the top-left corner (as seen in the screenshot above)

2. Select Reward Status


3. Select the offer that hasn't rewarded (most likely in the Opened tab)

4. Here you'll see more details on the offer. Scroll down to find a red Request Support button. Scroll past this button to find helpful FAQs 



Why is it important to contact TapJoy support?

We know that contacting another company's support team is not always ideal. While Big Fish support is best suited to resolve most issues, contacting TapJoy through the offers section of the app will help that team to investigate directly, and hopefully keep similar errors from occurring in the future.



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