Kitchen Crews FAQ


What are the benefits of being in a Crew, and how do I participate?

  • Joining a Crew allows you to give and receive help (lives), join exclusive Crews tournaments, earn rewards, chat about the game with other players, and more! Create or join a Crew to see what the fun is about. You can leave your Crew at any time!

How do I create or join an existing Crew?

  • You can join Crews by clicking the Crews shield icon on your city map. From there, you can create your own Crew, join an existing public Crew, or search for a specific private Crew by name. Be sure to let your friends know the name of your Crew so they can request to join you!
  • Having trouble finding or joining a crew? If you're unable to join or successfully find a Crew you’ve searched for, that Crew could already be full, set to a different language, or be set to permit only more advanced players. Try creating your own Crew, or joining another!

What are my options when creating a new Crew?

  • Creating a new Crew automatically makes you the Crew’s Crew Leader. Only the Crew Leader can name or update a Crew, and is responsible for selecting Crew Settings. 
  • Crew Name
    • Let the game generate a random name for you, or manually enter a name for your Crew! This setting cannot be changed and can be viewed by all players, so make sure to pick something unique that you and your Crewmates will want to keep. 
  • Min city unlock
    • Use this setting to pick the minimum skill level required to join your Crew. Pick an early city like New York to allow players of all skill levels to join your Crew, or a later city to limit Crew membership to more advanced players. For example, if you set the requirement to Tokyo, only players who have unlocked Tokyo will be able to join. You can choose from any city you have personally unlocked.
  • Plaque
    • This is your Kitchen Crew crest, and will visually represent your Crew to all players!
  • Language
    • Only players who have the same language selected will be able to see or join your Crew. 
  • Public/Private
    • Private Crews will not appear by default, and must be searched by name in order to join. Private Crews also require permission from the Crew Leader in order to be allowed to join.
    • Public Crews with room for new Crewmates will appear for all players, and can be joined by any qualifying player until they reach the maximum number of Crew members (30).

How does life-gifting work?

  • From the Crews menu, you can ask your Crew for a life.  Once five different Crewmates offer help, you can claim your extra life. 
  • Likewise, you can help a Crewmate gain a life by being one of five Crew members to tap Help on their request. 
  • You can only request help from your Crew once every 4 hours.
  • If you requested help from your Crew but never received it, make sure you’re in an active Crew! Consider finding a more active Crew. Only Crews with 6 or more active players will be able to complete help requests.

How does my Crew earn points, and what do they do?

  • Complete regular or event levels to earn points for your Crew. Points earned during individual and Crew Tournaments also count towards your Crew’s point total.
  • Earn the most points as a Crew to win Crews Tournaments for extra rewards, and watch your Crew climb the Leaderboard.
  • You can view your Crewmates’ individual contributions by going to Crew Info > Members List.

How do I leave or change Crews?

  • You can leave a Crew at any time by tapping Crew Info and selecting Leave Crew
  • If you are an active Crew Leader, you must promote a replacement before leaving. Inactive Crew Leaders will be periodically replaced with an active longtime Crew Member.

How can I update my player name and avatar?

  • From your game’s Settings tab, select the green pencil button that appears on top of your avatar to edit. Make any desired changes, then hit OK.

How do I report harmful language or inappropriate behavior?

  • We’re here to support you. If you are being harassed or bullied, please report harmful behavior to Customer Support at Players using abusive language or behaving inappropriately towards other players may be removed from their Crew, or the game.
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