Kitchen Crews FAQ

  • How do I change my name or avatar?

    • You can update your name and/or avatar in your game settings. From the Settings tab, select the green pencil button that appears on top of your avatar bubble (top middle) and make any desired changes, then hit OK.

  • Can my friends join my Kitchen Crew?

    • Yes! They’ll have to search for the name of your Crew and make sure there is room for them to join.

    • Tip: When searching for Crews, check out the members list to make sure it’s the Crew you want to join

  • How do you send and receive lives from other people in your Crew?

    • At different times throughout the day, you can ask your Crew for a life. Five different people will need to respond to your request by tapping Help on your request. Once all 5 helps have been sent, you will be able to claim your extra life!

  • No one in my Crew is actively playing. What can I do?

    • You can always invite your friends from inside or outside of the game to join your Crew and encourage everyone to play more together. Or if you’re just looking for more active players, you can leave your Crew to join another one. Simple go to Crew Info and select Leave Crew.

  • How many people can be in one Kitchen Crew?

    • Each Crew can have a total of 30 players.

  • Is there a way to choose who can join my Kitchen Crew?

      • Yes! When creating your Crew there are 2 ways you can control who is able to join:
        • Set the minimum city requirement to any city that you have personally unlocked. For example, if you set the requirement to Tokyo, only players who have unlocked Tokyo will be able to join your Crew. 
        • Or, set the Crew privacy setting to Private. Players looking to join your Crew will have to search for your Crew by name and send a request to join. As the Crew owner, you will have to accept any requests to join.


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