When you craft, purchase, or collect items, they will be kept in your Town’s storage. To access your storage, tap on the icon of a tan crate on the left side.


Upgrading storage

Upgrading your storage allows a larger maximum number of items to be stored. To upgrade your storage, certain amounts of the following items need to be collected:

  • Plans
  • Rope
  • Tools

Plans, rope, and tools can be rewarded for sending Hot Air Balloons. They can also be purchased with Gems.

When you have enough items to upgrade your storage, tap the Storage icon and then tap on the Upgradebutton at the bottom-right corner of the Storage screen. If enough items are not available when the Upgrade button is tapped, the screen will show how many more of each item is needed.


Emptying Storage

If space in the Storage needs to be freed up, there are a few ways to get rid of items:

  • Sell an item by tapping on it in the Storage panel
  • Use items to craft new items
  • Plant crops
  • Fulfill Townpeople’s requests
  • Pack Hot Air Balloon barrels


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