Connection issues

Having trouble with your connection?

Sometimes a slow connection may prevent the game from updating important information.

Even normally fast networks can experience connection problems from time to time.

What can I do?

We recommend playing on a fast, stable connection.

Troubleshooting may also help:

  • If you're on a wireless network, make sure you have the strongest signal by moving closer to the source of the connection.
  • To prevent interference that could weaken or disrupt the connection, make sure the router is in the best possible location. This usually means moving it away from walls and other obstructions or placing it higher up to avoid furniture and other large objects. Similarly, the router should also be placed away from large electrical appliances, such as stereos, televisions, and microwaves.
  • Mobile devices: Switch to Wifi when it's available. 
  • Computer: Connect using a wired Ethernet connection, rather than Wifi.
  • Close any other background apps and programs that may be using up bandwidth.
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