Many of the decorations available from the Décor Shop can be purchased as many times as you want! New decorations are unlocked as you level up, giving you lots of options to personalize Decurse to make it look amazing.

Decorations can be purchased with either Gold or Gems. Each time one of these decorations is purchased, it will cost a little bit more than the previous one. Some of the types of decorations are:

  • Flowers
  • Statues
  • Trees & bushes
  • Fences
  • Lamps

Special Events can also add unique decorations to the Décor Shop, so keep an eye out for those!

Placing decorations

To place a decoration, tap on it in the Décor Shop, and then drag your finger out into the Town to place it wherever you'd like. Squares at the base of the decoration will let you know if it can be placed in its current location; red squares mean something else is already there, and green squares mean the current space is free to be used.


Moving decorations

Tapping and holding your finger on an already placed decoration will allow the decoration to be moved around to a new location. When satisfied with the new spot, tap the green checkmark to confirm and close the movement bar.

Tapping on the red X will cancel out any changes to location and return the decoration to where it was previously placed.

You can also rotate the decoration by tapping on the yellow rotating arrow in the movement bar.

If you decide to put away a decoration until a better spot can be found for it, tapping on the icon with a yellow arrow pointing into a box will clear the decoration from its current location. Any item put away using this option can be found in the Shops tab when you're ready to add it back to the Town.

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