Known Issues

The Decurse team is aware of several technical issues that may occur during gameplay.

We apologize that our team is currently unable to resolve these issues, but very much appreciate your patience and hope you're able to enjoy playing Decurse all the same!


Club Races

Club Balloon Races are no longer available in Decurse. Removing this feature was a very difficult decision, but was necessary in order to improve game performance for all of our players.


Players are still able to join Clubs and can provide assistance with Trade Balloons, Trade Whale, and Board requests. However, there will no longer be competitions between clubs. We know that many players were big fans of the Club Races, and we appreciate your dedication to Decurse!


Other Known Issues

Our current list of known issues includes:

  • Errors on Panda Island, such as...
    • The Bakery not responding/cooking items correctly
    • Jade Labyrinth progress resetting
    • Issues tapping certain panda characters
  • Profile photos not displaying correctly 
  • The Octobank disappearing before its timer ends, preventing purchases
  • Club errors, including...
    • Names, pictures, and messages not appearing correctly 
  • Some items on the main island not displaying correctly (often appearing as blank grass or white boxes)
    • Commonly includes decor items, crafting machines, and the hot air balloon
  • Frequent crashing/freezing/connection errors

Again, we are very sorry that Customer Support is unable to resolve the issues listed above. For some players seeing these issues consistently, it has been helpful to try signing in and playing Decurse on a different mobile device. If you have access to another device, hopefully this will help you have a better gameplay experience. 


For persistent crashing and freezing, it may also help to explore the following help articles:


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