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Tick-tock… beat the clock!

Uncover the mystery of Huxley’s Boarding House before time runs out!

Last known location of George Pritchard, esquire – Royal photographer and an aficionado of obscure historical places – is the Huxley boarding house. Has the Victorian manor seized his imagination… or his life?

Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure

Eipix’s continuation of the blockbuster Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure series will leave you breathless, with loads of mini-games embedded throughout your adventure.

Interactive HOPA

The HOPs are full of variety, with silhouette, listed, interactive, and more to choose from!

  • Explore the origins of the Huxleys\' horrors in the Bonus Game!
  • Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games.
  • Unlock a special mini-game: Developer Hunt!
  • 42 Morphing objects to find
  • 17 Achievements to unlock
  • 14 Collectibles to find and collect
  • Integrated strategy guide
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