Contact customer support

If the answer to your question is unavailable in our help center, you can always get in touch with a customer support representative. Just submit a ticket from inside your game for the best possible support experience!

To do this:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Select the gear icon.
  3. Select Support.
  4. Select Contact Us.

If you need to submit a ticket through the web form, you can always  submit a request from a computer.

Make sure to include a description of the issue.

Please note that we reply to questions in the order that they were received. Response times can vary depending on how busy we are.

Thank you for understanding.

Spotting and avoiding customer support scams

We'd like to take this moment to inform our customers of ways to spot and avoid malicious online scams and phishing attempts.

Big Fish Games customer support does not initiate conversation with customers via text messages or phone calls.

Big Fish Games customer support does not request sensitive information including PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts.

If you receive an email, text message or phone call claiming to be from Big Fish Games customer support that contains a request for sensitive information:

  • Don't reply.
  • Don't open any attachments.
  • Don't click on any links.
  • Notify us by submitting a ticket with information about the suspicious content.
  • Delete the original email or text.

For more information about customer support scams you can visit the following Federal Trade Commission articles:

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