How to play


  • You will start each hole with a bucket of 30 cards; the number of remaining cards are noted here (J).
  • Select a card on the field that is higher or lower than the card in play (K).
  • Aces can be played on both a 2 and a King Card.
  • Survey all the face up cards; choose the cards that can create the longest string. If faced with multiple choices, select a card that is stacked above another card versus a standalone card.
  • A streak of fourteen cards will trigger a Super Streak (L); receive points, extra cards, and other gifts for your accomplishment. You can view your progress in the meter next to the bucket (M)


  • You will trigger a Flawless Mode when you play 50 cards in a row without missing a playable card (N). Playing in Flawless Mode gives you double the point value of each card played after initiating the mode.
  • Draw a card from the bucket when you are unable to locate any more playable cards.


  • If you miss a playable card, any remaining card that could have been played will shake when you draw a card from the bucket; use a Mulligan to undo your last move (O).
  • All holes have three strokes; check what stroke you are on here (P).
  • All holes must be completed by clearing all cards from the field; additional goals for the hole are located in the upper left (Q).
  • Stars are awarded based upon your overall hole score (R). As long as you completed your goals, only one star is necessary to unlock the next hole. You will however, need to have a set number of stars to unlock the next course.


  • If you wish to improve your score you may choose to replay any hole by selecting REPLAY (A); select NEXT to proceed to the next hole (B).
  • Connecting to Facebook or Google+ will allow you to see how you rank amongst your friends that are playing (C).
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