Critter Cards


  • Critter Cards are bonus cards that assist you in clearing the field. Using a Critter Card near another Critter Card will trigger that card to also release it power if it is within its range of power. You do not need to be concerned that you will lose a Critter Cards power by blowing it up with another card.
  • You will automatically receive one or more additional Critter Cards when you complete a challenge


  • Squirmburner: The Wormburner moves horizontally; all playable cards in its path will be cleared (T).
  • Explosive Shot: Blows away all cards within its blast radius (U).
  • Lucky Bounce: The Lucky Bounce is a bouncing horseshoe that randomly removes cards or turns them into another Lucky Bounce card (W).
    • PRO TIP: When the Lucky Bounce is clearing cards, you can continue playing cards (all game-play rules still apply). Be careful, though! If you clear a card that the Lucky Bounce hard targeted, you'll immediately cancel the Lucky Bounce.
  • Skyball: Moves vertically, clearing all the cards in the column (X).
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