• When there is a tournament available, you will see a medal in the lower right of the screen (M). Select the medal to enter an available tournament.


  • Select PLAY (N) on the first hole of the tournament to start playing.
  • There are 9 holes in a Tournee.
  • Completing a hole will submit medals and take you to the next hole. Failing a hole will send you back to the first hole of the tournament (N).
  • Higher holes will often have more bonus medals (N1). Try to complete these holes multiple times to rise in prize tiers!
  • Tickets allow you to re-enter the tournament after failing a hole. Ticket refills can be purchased by selecting the plus sign next to the ticket icon (N2).
  • Hole prizes will be awarded on each hole once per event.


  • Tier prizes will be awarded once at the end of the event (O). Note: Some events are made up of multiple tournaments, so prizes will not be awarded until after all tournaments have finished.
  • Events that have multiple tournaments are called Multi-Tourneez.
  • Scoring for Prize Tiers are determined by 3 types of modes: Medal, Percentage, and Player Count.
  • Medal Tally is based on amount of medals earned during the event, Percentage is based on percentiles, and Player Count is based on your rank. Try to earn as many medals as you can in every Tournee!


  • Select the i icon to view Event details and score mode (O1).
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