Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!

You and your friends are about to be overrun by hordezzz of Zombies on a remote downtown street... what do you do?

Zx3 is a fast-paced apocalyptic thriller brimming with explosive zombie matching action. Think quick, shoot quicker, and fight for your life against endless waves of undead. Can you survive? Use your wits, and an arsenal of weaponry and power-ups to blast your way to freedom!

Day 1 A.O.

I told 'em this day would be coming, but does anyone listen to ol' McZ? No, of course not! Not until that meteor crash landed and started turnin' everyone into greenheads. NOW they listen - because they weren't prepared. Sure, those zombies are slow movin', but there's a lot of 'em! Who you gonna call when they come knockin' at your door? Those ghost wrestlers ain't got nothin' on ol' McZ. That's right, I was the only one who was ready! I know I can't be around forever, which is why I'm keepin' this here journal - just in case we haven't fixed this confounded problem and future generations are in need of some quality education. But where to start? I guess ya need to know how it all began. It all started not too long ago when that meteor came rainin' down into the forest just outside of town. No one was hurt. At least not at first. Then, those government suits came down in their flocks of black SUVs, thinkin' they looked all cool in their black sunglasses and fancy ties. But let me tell ya, their federally issued neckties didn't save 'em! The process starts slow. People get this glazed-over kinda look and start lumbering around, complaining how they're always hungry and how no food is filling. Then stuff gets weird. And by weird, I mean...disgusting! After a while, people start decaying while they're still alive! It's like Dawn of the Dead in smell-o-vision!

Day 6 A.O.

A lotta greenheads been hangin' around my armory lately; even ol' McZ was starting to feel uneasy with all of 'em lumberin' around like they were up to somethin'. Sure, I took out 15 yesterday, but there's only so much one man and his personal arsenal can do. So, I devised a plan to thin the herd a bit. You see, the other survivors. They have the guts but they don't have the guns. So I gave 'em a mission: Whoever kills the most zombies gets one of my best automatic rifles. And I wasn't talkin' about no junk pile gun, either. This one was Army-grade, high quality stuff. The type of thing you see in science fiction. She even has a name! I like to call her "Vera." Now, normally, Vera would cost an arm and a leg. But I figure since they were doin' me a service - one that'd make my place smell a lot better - it was a fair trade. Anyway, I told those rag-tag newbies to meet up at sunrise and to bring whatever weapons they could carry. Let me tell ya, these amateurs have a lot of learnin' to do. How the heck does anyone expect to survive the end of days with nothin' but a baseball bat? One of em' brought a revolver, the nerve! What you gonna do after your six shots are up? Might as well bring a musket to the apocalypse!

Day 14 A.O.

Most of those greenheads ain't too bright, but every now and then, ya see one that shows something resemblin' cognition. There's been one of those zombies hangin' around lately - I call him "Deadtooth Splinterbite" on account of the wood chips embedded in his face. I think he might have been involved in the explosion at the lumbermill, but I can't be certain. Anyway, ol' Deadtooth ain't your average greenhead. He's got an understandin' of basic tools - yesterday, he was banging on the walls with a hammer, probably lookin' for weak points in my fortifications. Heck, if it weren't for the hunger for human flesh thing, we could probably use a zombie like him to take care of the grunt work around here. Unfortunately, you can't change what a zombie is - an insatiable brain-eating machine - so Deadtooth is gonna have to go. He's smart enough to stay near the back of the herd most times, which makes precision a lil' difficult. See, if you try to take a single shot into a group of zombies, you're gonna have a stampede on your hands. No matter. McZ has a plan for ol' Deadtooth that should clear things up nicely. What do you do when a scalpel won't do the trick? You bring a chainsaw into the operating room! And when I say "chainsaw" in this analogy, what I really mean is a really big chainsaw! Course, that ain't a job for McZ - I can't be getting covered in zombie guts when the other survivors look up to me and all. So, I'm gonna supervise. I'm sure I got somethin' they'll really want. Rations, water...I'll even let the heroic volunteer keep the chainsaw!
*Disclaimer: General McZ ain't no medical doctor.

Day 23 A.O.

By the time anyone knew something was wrong, most of the people that could do anything were already zombies. That is, 'cept for ol' McZ. I knew the undead would be comin' sooner or later. Whether from some wacky government experiment or a meteor from the sky, it was only a matter of time. That's why I started stockpilin'. You know, basic necessities - food, water, thermonuclear grenades - stuff everyone needs to live. Darn good thing I got myself an arsenal. I wasn't the only one that made it, and now the others come to me when they need munitions. Some of 'em say I should be givin' away my weapons, but I tell 'em they can fight off the undead with tree branches if they really feel that way. They all said I was paranoid...well, now McZ provides a valuable service to those in need. You wanna chop down some greenheads old school? Get an authentic samurai sword from McZ. Course, I got plenty more where that came from. Pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, flamethrowers. Like I said, basic life necessities.

Day 37 A.O.

If you really need to cause some ruckus, you gotta aim for the head. Those zombies will keep comin' if you unload a few bullets in the chest. Plus, the kind of firepower McZ has will turn a zombie chest cavity into goo and no one wants to clean that mess up. And even if you do have some really nice guns, it's a good idea to have a back up. Best part about swords? They don't run outta bullets! So, to summarize, here some apocalypse survival tips from the legendary McZ:

- Aim for the head
-Zombie goo is gross
-Buy weapons from McZ
-Always know where the exit is (several exits would be best)

If that's too tough to keep in mind, just remember: Aim for the head and they'll be dead (for good). PS -- If ol' McZ is no longer around, be sure to check for any living relatives. They will most likely have inherited the family business of greenhead killin'.

This game is less cute, and more brute.

Melissa Dingmon

Unngghh…this game is fun; can I have a hug?

Notaz Ombie

I hate this game


All I need is my boomstick and a target. I love this game.

Spruce Lampbell

Zzzombies? What Zzzombies? All I see is cannon fodder, ripe for the shootin’!

Spruce Lampbell

You shot me!

Armless Zzzombie

As close to the real thing as it gets…I would know.

Abraham Lincoln


Two ways to play

Work your way out of town with your hearty band of survivors, or just keep going as long as you can in Survival Mode!



Powerful boosts

Sometimes, the zombiezzz are just too much, and you need a little help. There are lots of different weapons in your arsenal, like rabid dogs, and crazy taxi drivers!



Different types of zombiezzz

These aren't your typical undead. Construction workers, housewives, zombies with mines, and pumpkin-heads with shields keep the battle exciting!

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