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  1. Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny Collector's Edition

    You came to the town of Brownville, Louisiana hoping to find a new job. But you weren't expecting to stumble upon a strange adventure in a world filled with beauty and danger!

  2. Web of Deceit: Deadly Sands Collector's Edition

    While visiting your uncle, you stumble upon a curious case. Men are vanishing, reappearing dead days later. Who killed them?

  3. European Mystery: Scent of Desire Collector’s Edition

    Several young women have gone missing in Paris. Now only you can stop a maniac’s murderous trail of fragrance and deception!

  4. Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition

    Rescue your canine companion, and solve the mystery of Houndspoint!

  5. Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's Edition

    You’re drawn into a web of deceit when your train stops in Andville, where the Black Widow lies in wait...

  6. Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts Collector's Edition

    Help Nelly and Tom free the unlucky ghosts being trapped by the evil alchemist in Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts!

  7. Patchworkz™

    Patchworkz is a relaxing jigsaw-puzzle game with competitive elements.

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