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  1. Reflections of Life: Equilibrium Collector's Edition

    The Queen of Creatos is missing, and if you don't get her back soon... the entire world will crumble!

  2. Rite of Passage: The Sword and the Fury Collector's Edition

    Can you defeat dangerous creatures and find your grandfather in time?

  3. Haunted Hotel: The Evil Inside Collector's Edition

    Can you uncover the secrets hidden in the Alexander Valentine Hotel?

  4. Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger's Venom Collector's Edition

    Can you keep history from destroying the present?

  5. Mystery Tales: Dangerous Desires Collector's Edition

    A dangerous spirit has returned from the past!

  6. Robin Hood Legends: Puzzle Adventure

    Why match when you can MERGE? Join Robin Hood on her quest to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and save the townsfolk!

  7. Witch's Tales

    An evil witch turned the famous prince into a frog! Help the poor prince remove his curse and find his princess in this hidden object adventure.

  8. Endless Fables: Frozen Path Collector's Edition

    Can you save your friend from a frozen fate?

  9. Chimeras: Blinding Love Collector's Edition

    Can you find out what's targeting young men in Paris?

  10. Spirits of Mystery: Illusions Collector's Edition

    Can you stop darkness from taking over the kingdoms?

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