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  1. Reflections of Life: Equilibrium Collector's Edition

    The Queen of Creatos is missing, and if you don't get her back soon... the entire world will crumble!

  2. Rite of Passage: The Sword and the Fury Collector's Edition

    Can you defeat dangerous creatures and find your grandfather in time?

  3. Haunted Hotel: The Evil Inside Collector's Edition

    Can you uncover the secrets hidden in the Alexander Valentine Hotel?

  4. Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger's Venom Collector's Edition

    Can you keep history from destroying the present?

  5. Mystery Tales: Dangerous Desires Collector's Edition

    A dangerous spirit has returned from the past!

  6. Witch's Tales

    An evil witch turned the famous prince into a frog! Help the poor prince remove his curse and find his princess in this hidden object adventure.

  7. Robin Hood Legends: Puzzle Adventure

    Why match when you can MERGE? Join Robin Hood on her quest to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and save the townsfolk!

  8. Endless Fables: Frozen Path Collector's Edition

    Can you save your friend from a frozen fate?

  9. Chimeras: Blinding Love Collector's Edition

    Can you find out what's targeting young men in Paris?

  10. Spirits of Mystery: Illusions Collector's Edition

    Can you stop darkness from taking over the kingdoms?

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