Statement: Ukraine

Our Big Fish team spans many oceans, and our team in Ukraine is in our hearts and front of mind at this devastating time.  The safety of our colleagues and their families is and will always be our highest priority.  


In recent weeks, our teams have been working tirelessly to assist our people in Ukraine.  Prior to the outbreak of war, we provided relocation and evacuation support for many of our colleagues who wished to leave the country.  For our people who remain in Ukraine and those who have relocated to nearby countries in the region, our focus now is on providing logistical, financial, and emotional support to the greatest extent possible, as well as facilitating further evacuations from Ukraine.  We will continue to do everything within our power to support and protect our people and their loved ones. 


Additionally, as part of Pixel United, we have joined with our sister companies in supporting the Red Cross and their humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. 


Together we stand with our teams, our partners, and our players in Ukraine, and around the world.