We're happy to present the Big Fish Games' Customer Favorites Awards for 2021!

Game of the Year

Player Review: I'm half way through and am enjoying every minute of it. First and foremost; the graphics and palette- wow!! Secondly the story- great ghost story, but it's what surrounds the story that makes this effort so much fun.

Best Hidden Object Game

Player Review: Close to Perfect! This is how it's done. Great story, generous game play, visually appealing, challenging, and oh yeah, fun! 

Best Time Management

Player Review: Another fun Viking Adventure! The game has balanced, colorful cartoon graphics. It has a good variety of mood music. You can play it untimed, timed in easy or hard modes..

Best Adventure Game

Player Review: Another Hidden Expedtion masterpiece! Enjoy an epic, action-packed adventure researching the authenticity of the Arthurian legends.

Best Artwork

Player Review:  … now have the remasterpiece of games. This game is difficult, but so worth it! This is a must have game in your library. You won't regret buying this stunning beautiful and best game of all time! 

Best Mystery

Player Review: Travel to Sleepy Hollow: A place you could lose your head over. Join childhood sweethearts, Kane and Katrin as they battle The Headless Horseman … another fantastic game in this series!

Best Sci-Fi Game

Player Review: Celebrate the descent of the Star Goddess! Jettison between the four worlds of the constellation Meridiem.  In this sci-fi fantasy game, you must help the goddess by locating twinkles, to spark her fading heart

Best Fantasy Game

Player Review: What a great game! Domini, you did it again! Bravo to all concerned! I loved most everything about this game! Top shelf stuff!

Best Holiday Game

Player Review: 'Tis the season, and for many that means: settling in with your favorite Christmas games. This year's favorite doesn't disappoint and will get you feeling the holiday cheer.

Best Detective Game

Player Review: Hmmm, that's Strange! Detective Dana STRANGE is called upon in STRANGE Investigations to solve a STRANGELY familiar crime!! Very STRANGE…

Dark City: Paris

Best Story

Player Review: Be careful what you wish for! Wish you had a nice easy breezy game to play – one with a great story– one filled with lots of activities? Your wish will be granted with this newest monster fest.

Best Debut Game

Player Review: Players fell in love with this unique and fantastic tale from Five-BM Games! Get lost in a haunting setting with great puzzles and beautiful interactive hidden object scenes.

Creepiest Game

Player Review: An exciting new premise brings a unique kind of mystery to one of our longest running series, making this game top in its category with great visuals and a game for all player levels!

Best Match 3 Game

Player Review: Dialing up the creep-factor, Elephant Games outdoes themselves with this detailed Victorian setting and a bonus chapter just as intense as the main game.

Best Puzzle Game

Player Review: I can honestly say that Puzzle Pieces 5: Fairy Ring is 100% perfection, I loved everything about this game and I have never seen such interesting puzzle images in one game.

Best Moasics Game

Player Review: Not just a Mahjong game! Stunning visuals, unique gameplay, lovely music and fun mini games make this one of the best puzzle games out there!

Best Card Game

Player Review: A solitaire player's dream! There are many variants to this game of solitaire, 24 in total plus supersize levels, challenge levels, quests to unlock fish for your aquarium.

Best Pets Game

Player Review: What a (doggie) treat! Such a pleasant game for all of us pet lovers, to kick off a new day.

How Were Winners Selected?

All winners earned this honor based on overall purchases and sentiment provided in player reviews. The following factors were used to determine the winners:

  • First seven days sales
  • A game can only win one award (i.e. if a game wins "game of the year", it cannot qualify for "Best Hidden Object Game", etc.)
  • Game classifications are determined by the site editor. Many games cross several genres and award categories.