Level 1,320


The goal of the 'Grand Machine, is to clear the three cloudy squares above the reel with orange gems on. Since they are protected with steel plates you will need to use the lasers in the four corners of the puzzle to take them out.

This level is very generous with burst gems. Wait for a burst gem to drop in either the top left or right corners, then match it to create an explosion that will unlock laser 1. The next explosion on 1 will trigger a laser shot to unlock or trigger laser 2. Keep triggering lasers to ultimately create a chain reaction that will run from 1 to 3.

Dev Tips:

  • While you start with only two spins it’s pretty easy to clear a reel to get many more free spins. Make this a priority if you have no burst gems within proximity of a laser.
  • Try to make wide rather than deep matches, so if you do get a burst gem drop in it will stay at that top rather than drop to the bottom.
  • You could also trigger lasers my making combo matches that create explosions beyond the edge of the puzzle grid. For example, use a wild to create a match that contains both a vertical and area burst.
  • You can also trigger unlocked lasers by using a wild to match 3 different colors to create a super wild gem. Matching this would trigger any lasers with the same color.
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