Stationary objects and obstacles

These objects do not move and remain in place until cleared.


Amber - Gems trapped behind amber. Match the gem color inside to break open the Amber trapping the gem.


Crates - Make a match around Crates to remove them from the board. Burst gems can handle large numbers of these crates at once.


Gifts - Make matches around a Gift to unwrap the bow, then make another match around it to Open the box and remove it from the board.


Jails - Gems are trapped behind these bars. Include the color of the trapped gem in a match to free it from the Jail. Jailed gems block burst effects.

Locks / Targets - Gems must have matches made on top of a Lock or a Target to remove them.


Star Stones - Connect the Star Stones to one another with a match to remove them all from the board. Star Stones stay unless all Star Stones with the same gem are removed at the same time.

Obstacle_StoneHit1.png Obstacle_StoneHit2.pngObstacle_StoneHit3.png

Stones - Like crates, make matches around Stones to remove them from the board. The darker a stone, the more matches it will take to remove it. Burst gem effects do not pass through Stones, but can be cleared by them.


Tornado - Make a match next to a Tornado to clear it before it whisks the gem it has away.


Torches - Make matches next to torches to rotate them until they are upright and lit.

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