Indestructible objects & obstacles

These are permanently placed objects that cannot be moved but may move or create new obstacles themselves!


Crushers - Every move, the Crusher will chomp down and destroy whatever is in its jaws.


Fences - Gems cannot be placed on fences, but fences do not block the effects of burst gems.


Ice Generator - This tile generates more Ice for every move that is made that doesn't remove Ice.


Lasers - This acts as a permanently placed Burst Gem. Make a match to make it fire in the directions it indicates.


Makers - When a match is made around this tile and space is free, something new is created. You may or may not like what it makes.

Portals - Gems enter in one direction of a portal and 'teleport' out to a different location on the board.


Shark Chomp - This obstacle will move to a new location each turn after destroying whatever is in its jaws.


Steel Tiles - You cannot place gems on these tiles, and they also block the effects of burst gems.


Vine Generator - This tile generates more Vines for every move that is made that doesn't remove Vines. The only way to stop this tile from spreading more vines is to surround it with empty spaces or objects.

Windows - You can see what is underneath, but you must make matches around the window to clear the contents underneath.

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