Level 369


Since the board changes every turn its key to constantly review. That gem in the corner that looked unplayable may now have a match. Similarly, crushers open up the board to matches that were previously frozen.

If you focus on getting free spins as opposed to dropping coconuts, you will be surprised as coconuts inevitably start dropping off the bottom of the board!

Dev tips:

  • Prioritize matches in the bottom 3 crusher rows over the main board. This needs to be clear for coconuts to drop!
  • This is a wide board, which lends itself to making wide matches to create vertical bursts. These are useful to swiftly drop coconuts through crushers - though they don't work every time!
  • Look out for vertical matches of 3 gems in the crusher section. These are great for dropping coconuts off the board in a single match.
  • Bottom line - free reel spins are more important than coconuts!
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