Level 507


Only four crates to break, but they're hanging off to the side off the main board! The only way to hit them is to create combos of burst gems by matching two different types at once - for example a vertical with an area burst.

A big help comes in the shape of coconuts! Watch them transform into burst gems as soon as they hit the bottom of the board. Assemble a bunch together and look for different types of the same color to trigger combo bursts

Dev tips:

  • This level is pretty generous with wilds, both within the reel and on the board as burst gems.  It’s much easier to make combos with wilds as you’re not restricted to matching the same color. Look out for them and use them effectively when they appear.
  • Focus first on dropping coconuts, the more you drop into burst gems the easier it will be to make combos.
  • Get as many free spins as you can, and if prompted watch a video to get a free spin!
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