CASCADE TODAY contains everything you need to find what is happening in Cascade, today!

Tap on the symbol to the left of the settings cog to bring up the Cascade Today board.

From there, you can access the following

  • Quick Quests for extra rewards.
  • The Daily Challenge for a new level to challenge yourself and your friends with.
  • Promotional offers currently available.
  • The Newsfeed, where announcements and updates for the game are provided.
  • The Daily Spin, a once daily wheel that provides boosts, tricks, or other rewards.
  • The Level Lab where players are challenged to compete against one another to reach a unique goal in a unique level.
  • Staff Picks, or the levels our staff personally enjoy.
  • Events that are currently active in Cascade.

Tap on All to show all the above, and tap on News, Events, or Offers to filter the window and show only those specific parts. A blue dot on these sections means that specific section has something new to view.

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