Don't be a bad fish

We want all of our fishies to be safe and have fun in our games!

  • Avoid scams
    • There’s only one Felix the Fish and he lives in our Pond! If you’re contacted by anyone in one of our games posing as Felix, or as a member of our team asking for access to your accountplease steer your boat clear of them. They’re fishin’ for your information!
    • Don’t bite on their bait! If they’re asking you to visit another website to get coins in Gummy Drop! or chips in Big Fish Casino, don’t click on that link. Often times these sites have Trojan viruses and Keyloggers to gain access to your information.
  • Don’t cheat
    • Modifying your game with third party software to gain unfair advantages is not allowed in our Pond. If you’re racing other fishies with underwater jet-packs that’s not very fair.
    • Underwater jet-packs include:
      • Hacking or modifying your game to function differently
      • Bots and Auto-run software to automate gameplay and advance progress while not in the game
      • Any other programs or alterations that result in achieving progress not fairly earned by playing the game as intended
  • Don’t be a mean fish
    • We want our fishies to play nicely with one another. If you’re a mean fish please move to another pond. Behavior that won’t be tolerated in our Pond includes:
      • Abusive and inappropriate language
      • Threats of violence or harassment
      • Obscene and explicit content and behavior
  • Play by the rules
    • By playing our games you agree with our Terms of Use, which you can read more about by visiting our Terms of Use Failure to follows these Terms may result in:
      • Suspension or ban from public forums
      • Temporary or permanent ban from your account
      • Permanent account termination
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