To be able to participate in a Club, you must first decurse and rebuild the Clubhouse to the left of the Wizard’s Tower and be Level 14 or higher.

Magic Bricks are required to rebuild the Clubhouse.


These combine magic and the regular Bricks from the mine.

How to rebuild the Club

Once you have enough Magic Bricks, you can rebuild the Clubhouse. To rebuild the Clubhouse:

  1. First you'll need to rebuild the central part of the Club. Tap on the area you want to rebuild and it should tell you the materials you need!
  2. Once the center is built, you can build the left and the right wing of the Club.
    • Tapping any of the side wings should start building the available part of the Club. If the area is blocked for building by an incomplete story event, Wall will pop up and tell you what must be done to continue building.

Once rebuilt, you can create or join a Club!

Why should I join a Club?

There are many fun reasons to join or create a Club:

  • You can request specific items from your Clubmates
  • You'll be notified when a Clubmate needs help on a balloon or whale


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