• Sometimes a FREE Power-Up card will pop up. You can only have one FREE Power-Up card on hand at one time. Use them as needed or you will lose the opportunity to gain another free one when it pops up; most holes that require a certain Power-Up in order to win will have one or more of them in the deck.


  • Anti-Hazard: Removes all Hazards from the board (1).
  • De-Fuser: Turns a Critter Card into a random playable card (2).
  • Flip Side: Turns Spades to Hearts, Hearts to Clubs, Clubs to Diamonds, and Diamonds to Spades (3).
  • Joker: Lets you play any face-up card on the board (4).
  • Shuffle: Shuffles all the cards on the board (5).
  • Blastalizer: Blasts multiple cards off the board. If there are not many cards left and you have another stroke left, the Blastalizer will continue to remove cards on the next stroke (6).
  • Bullseye: Removes any face-up card of your choice (7).
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