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Use the power of merging to build and discover! Sort, organize, and create your own winning strategy to rebuild the land of EverMerge.
Unlock your favorite heroes by matching their special items. Buckle up, these are no damsels-in-distress!
Build magical Castles through merging to give your heroes a new place to call Happily Ever After.
Collect bonus rewards for every new discovery. You can merge almost everything in this world to create more powerful items and complete your collection!
Grow Candy Trees and other fantastical flora to create tasty treats that help lift the curse!
Celebrate the seasons, earn unique decorations, and more by participating in special events!

It's not THAT kind of Ever After ... 

Welcome to the land of EverMerge, a place where famed story heroes live together in one offbeat world waiting to be brought to life, one match and combo at a time. The more you merge, the more there is to this topsy-turvy tale and the more unexpected surprises are revealed. Set out on a quest to reveal a happy ever after unlike any other, no true love’s kiss required. This is the grown-up storybook world no one has written about, yet…what kind of ever after will you build?

It’s unique and very fun, there’s always something to do. The attention to detail and EXTREMELY courteous staff makes this one of the absolute best games I’ve ever played.
EverMerge is a great merge game, Fantasy feel, great graphics, and you don’t need to spend real money to progress through the game. Try, you won’t be disappointed.
You have to download this game, it's so enjoyable!