Adventure is a merge away!

Welcome to EverMerge, a land shrouded in fog and awaiting its very own hero -- you! Each match and combo you make brings you one step closer to becoming a merge master. Along the way you’ll unlock storybook legends, create and care for incredible creatures, and rebuild the land of EverMerge exactly as you want. In this game, there’s no wrong way to merge, so focus on telling the most important story: your own!

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Seasonal Icon
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It’s your world, your strategy. Drag, merge and organize pieces the way you want on the wide-open game board.

Become the merge master! New items always appear, waiting to be matched, merged, combined, and built.

Build your collection! Match and merge to build castles, and unlock and collect both classic characters and fantastical creatures.

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Seasonal Icon
Thunderbird Egg

Magical treasures await! Collect gems, valuable coins, mystical wands and enchanting chests to help expand your own extraordinary world!

More to discover! Take part in daily quests to collect coins and gems or complete delicious recipes for the characters in order to get rewards.

Play special events! Complete unique match-and-combine puzzles to earn specially themed treats and surprises.

Delight in the discovery! Find new mergeable items, build castles, rescue beloved characters, collect fantastic creatures, and uncover secrets hidden beneath the cursed fog. There’s always someone new to meet, somewhere new to explore, and something new to do as the world of EverMerge gets bigger and better with every merge!