In Redrawn: The Painted Tower, revisit a classic and experience Iris’ painted world like never before!

Also, find our exclusive interview with Friendly Fox Studios below for some cool insights into how they approached remastering this classic!

Redrawn: The Painted Tower is a remastered and enhanced version of the original and is packed with updates. Check out some highlights below. 

Beautiful new artwork and wider resolution adds new depth to the drawn world and fills modern displays.

New details packed into each scene. Explore Iris’ world like never before.

Reworked mini-games that fill the screen, feature incredible new mechanics, and additional instruction

New full-screen locations with new puzzle elements


Updated user interface with hideable inventory, improved hint system, and integrated strategy guide.



A bonus chapter that allows you to explore a new perspective on Iris's world of magical paintings in the Collector’s Edition

New Hidden Object Scenes!

New Puzzles!

Interview with Friendly Fox Studio

The original art and plot distinguish Drawn among the many Big Fish Games, and the unique atmosphere makes the game truly legendary. During its release, Drawn won the hearts of its players and left literally no one indifferent. To be honest, our team was a fan of this series and dreamed that one day we would be able to work with our favorite 😊.

While working on remasterings of our games Living Legends Remastered: Ice Rose and Living Legends Remastered: Frozen Beauty, our team came up with the idea to create a remaster of one of the classic Big Fish Games. Drawn turned out to be the perfect embodiment of our team's dream.


While analyzing Drawn, from the developer’s point of view, our team was imbued with the details of the game. In every piece of content, you can feel how diligently and lovingly the Big Fish Games team approached the creation of this series. The harmonious combination of art, music and plot creates a unique atmosphere in the Drawn, which hooked our team the most.

Our team has a fondness for the development of ReDrawn and we really hope that we managed to create ReDrawn at the same high level as the original. Updating the gameplay, according to the modern laws of the genre, our team tried very hard to preserve the atmosphere of the initial Drawn.

The most global change that our team can boast of is the addition of a bonus chapter.  Players will find themselves in a completely new Drawn world, previously unknown to them, with its own unique plot and art. 

But the standard part has also undergone changes: in addition to updating the gameplay, our team completely updated the hint system, we also voiced the characters and added new mechanics of mini-games and HO, which had not previously been used in the original.


Developing a project like Drawn was the biggest challenge for our team. We wanted to do our best in the project, and we were willing to make it at the level of the original. Each member of our team replayed the original several times to fully experience the atmosphere and zest of Drawn, and transfer it to ReDrawn. We hope we coped with our task perfectly 😊.



It was incredibly pleasant and interesting for our team to work with such a legendary brand as Drawn, and Friendly Fox Studio would be very happy to continue working with the Big Fish Games team in creating the next remastering of Drawn 😊.