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Welcome to the Pirate Chronicles Walkthrough Pirate Chronicles is a time-management game for brave adventure lovers. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for here. This document contains a complete Pirate Chronicles game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by Ana Sprague, and is protected under US Copyright laws. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.

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Gameplay and Skulls

Pirate Chronicles
  • You may choose between Relaxed or Normal Mode (A) via the Options tab. In Relaxed Mode you can progress even though the time ran out and you earned no Skulls.
  • You will earn 0-3 Skulls (B) based on how quickly you complete the level. The meter is located in the upper left; 3 Skulls (C), 2 Skulls (D), 1 Skull (E).
  • In Normal Mode the game will end automatically when the meter runs out.

Coins and Pirate Haven

Pirate Chronicles
  • You will be rewarded Coins upon completion of each level (F). The amount of Coins earned is based on how quickly you completed the level and how many Treasures (G) you collected.
  • Coins earned for finding Treasures will be awarded even if you fail the level.
  • You can build permanent upgrades in Pirate Haven (H) with the Coins you earn.
Pirate Chronicles
  • You will be offered a choice of two available upgrades when you have accumulated enough Coins (I).
  • The meter of how many Coins required to the next upgrade is located here (J).


Pirate Chronicles
  • Workers live in Camps (K). As you progress to higher levels you will be able to upgrade to larger Camps that house more workers. The gray arrow (L) signifies upgrades are available; when the arrow turns green you have all the resources you need.
  • It is beneficial to upgrade the Camps quickly if you are playing in Regular Mode so you can accomplish multiple tasks at once.
  • The number of workers you have and their availability are located in the upper left (M). The first number is the number of idle workers available; the second number is the total workers in your Camp.
  • Keeping tabs of available workers allows you to send them out quickly to perform a task.
  • When a worker is assigned an available task a check mark will appear next to the location they are headed (N).

Resources and Industrial Buildings

Pirate Chronicles
  • Your resources are located here (O). Collected resources will not carry over into the next level so do not spend time collecting more than you need.
  • The 4 basic resources are Food (P), Wood (Q), Stone (R) and Iron (S).
  • Special level specific resources are located here (T).
  • A building requiring repairs will have a gray hammer next to it (U). When the hammer turns green you have the necessary resources to repair it.
  • Collect the available resources quickly so more can be produced (V).
  • Upgrading your buildings increases the amount produced. A gray arrow indicates it can be upgraded but you do not have the required resources. A green arrow indicates you can upgrade now (W).
Pirate Chronicles
  • Wood can be obtained by cutting down Palm Trees (X), Dry Trees (Y), Trees (Z), Old Trees (A) and Paradise Trees (B) after collecting Feathers.
  • Pick up fallen Palm Trees (C), Snags (D), and Small and Big Pile of Boards (E) floating in the water to add to your Wood supply.
  • Build Lumber Mills or Lumberjack's Huts (F) to produce more Wood.
  • Found Wood sources do not replenish.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Food can be obtained by harvesting Berry Bushes (G), Shoal (H), Pineapples (I) and Fruit from Fruit trees (J).
  • All Food sources except for catching Shoal replenish after harvesting.
  • Build a Cook's Hut (K), Fishing Net (L) or a Fisherman's Hut (M) to produce Food.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Stone can be obtained by picking up Piles of Stone (N) and blowing up Barrier Boulders (O).
  • Found Stones do not replenish.
  • Build a Quarry (P) to produce Stones.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Iron can be obtained by removing Iron Ore (Q).
  • Found Iron Ore will not reproduce.
  • Building a Foundry (R) will produce Iron.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Feathers (S) allow you to get past a Native (T).
  • Feathers can be collected from the Paradise Tree (U).
  • After you collect the Feathers you can chop down the Paradise Tree to get Wood; if left standing, they will not replenish feathers.
  • Build a Hennery (V) to produce additional Feathers.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Gunpowder (W) is used to clear Barrier Boulders (W1), large Piles of Stone (X) and Reefs (Y); also used as ammo in Gun Towers (Z).
  • Collecting Gunpowder Barrels (A) will get you Gunpowder.
  • Build a Gunpowder Factory (B) to produce additional Gunpowder.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Mushrooms (C) allow you to get past a Frogosaurus; they can be found in water (D) and on land (E).
  • Pick Mushroom Logs (F) to get Mushrooms; they do not replenish.
  • Build a Mushroom Garden (G) to produce more Mushrooms.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Crystals (H) are used to clear Ash Clouds (I) by being placed on Crystal Pedestals (J); they are also used to build Crystal Bridges (K) over Lava.
  • Collect Crystal (L) scattered about; they will not replenish.
  • Build a Crystal Mine (M) to produce Crystals.


Pirate Chronicles
  • Obstacles are anything that must be removed in order to progress. All obstacles require some basic resources to remove. If a special resource is required it is listed here.
  • Dunes (N) can be cleared by workers.
  • Fallen Palm Trees (O) can be removed by workers; they will be added to your Wood supply.
  • Piles of Stone (P) can be cleared by workers; they will be added to your Stone supply.
  • Arsonist Pirate (Q) needs to be caught to stop him from setting fires. Buildings that are on fire (R) do not produce resources and need to be put out quickly.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Natives (S) block your way until you give them a Feather.
  • Barrier Boulders (T) require Gunpowder to eliminate; they will add to your Stone supply.
  • Reefs (U) must be cleared with Gunpowder.
  • Snags (V) can be removed by workers; they will be added to your Wood supply.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Pirate ships (W) can be blown up with Gunpowder in the Gun Towers.
  • Frogosaurus (X) require Mushrooms to get past them; they appear in water and on land.
  • Swamps (Y) can be cleared with workers.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Kraken (Z) is a sea monster that blocks water travel when awake. You can sacrifice large quantities of Food at the Ocean Temple (A) to calm him. He can awaken after sleeping for a length of time.
  • Dirt Geysers (B) and Big Dirt Geysers (C) can be cleared by workers.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Ash Clouds (D) can be dispersed by placing Crystals on Crystal Pedestals. Workers cannot access areas under the Ash Clouds until they have been cleared.
  • Lava (E) requires Crystals to build Crystal bridges to cross.
  • Volcanoes (F) erupt and set buildings on fire until capped.

Cannons and Shipyards

Pirate Chronicles
  • Cannons (G) are located throughout the island perimeters and must be repaired to complete every level.
  • Fixing the Cannons last when you have completed other tasks is a good strategy so that you don't use up important resources that are needed to build industrial buildings and clear obstacles.
  • A Shipyard or Cannon requiring repairs will have a gray hammer (H) next to it. When the hammer turns green (I) you have the necessary resources to repair it.
  • Shipyards (J) provide boats that can be used to reach remote islands and gather wood floating in the water. The higher the shipyard level, the faster the boats sail.
  • If there are main buildings to be built on an island, it's important to get there soon. Make sure you build a Shipyard to those islands before using limited resources on other things. You can find yourself having to start the level over if you don't build some of the main buildings such as Quarry's, Crystal Mines and other special resources on a remote island.
  • Only one worker can use a ship; you cannot send two workers at one time to an island unless you have multiple Shipyards.

Non-Industrial Structures

Pirate Chronicles
  • Warehouses (K) increase the amount of all the extracted resources.
  • Ladders (L) allow you to reach the tops of cliffs.
  • Gun Towers (M) are for shooting at Pirate Ships.
  • Bridges (N) allow workers to cross chasms.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Ocean Temples (O) are for sacrifices to calm the Kraken.
  • Crystal Bridges (P) are for crossing lava streams.
  • Underground Tunnel (Q) are used to pass through the mountains.


Pirate Chronicles
  • Bonuses randomly appear and need to be collected quickly before they disappear. When you have a bonus currently active, the type of bonus and the time left is located here (R).
  • Time Freeze (S) is an hourglass that temporarily stops time.
  • Extra Profit (T) are crates that temporarily increase the amount of extracted resources.
  • A Platform(U) is a glowing platform that various bonuses can appear.
  • Sails (V) temporarily increase the boat speeds.
Pirate Chronicles
  • Run Boost (W) are winged boots that temporarily makes the workers run.
  • Work Boosts (X) are a hammer and chisel that temporarily increases the speed of construction and the extraction of resources.
  • Building Protection Boost (Y) are gears that temporarily increases the production of resources in all buildings.


Pirate Chronicles
  • This mini-game is called Naval Ordnance.
  • You need to collect the bonuses (Z) to assist you in battle.
  • Tap and hold the mouse button and guide your ship through the waters.
  • Landing in a whirlpool (A) will cause you to be unable to move temporarily; you will not lose a life.
  • Hitting a reef (B) will cause you to lose one life.
  • The meter (C) lets you know how far along you are in the battle.
  • If you have an active bonus it will be attached to your ship (D).
  • The amount of Skulls you earn are based on the amount of lives (E) left at the end.
Pirate Chronicles
  • This mini-game is called Ricochet.
  • You need to line up the cannon and eliminate the towers. Follow the shot path to be sure of a successful hit before selecting the fire button (F).
  • A well placed track can be used a few times without moving (G).
  • You can uncheck the show shot track (H) for more of a challenge.
  • The amount of Skulls you earn are based on the amount of lives (I) left at the end.
Pirate Chronicles
  • This mini-game is called Temple Protection.
  • Choose the cannons that will do the best job at each location (J). You begin with 20 trophy cannons. You can place any combination of cannons totaling up to 20.
  • For every treasure you pick up after destroying a ship you will earn another trophy cannon (K). When you have 3 or more you can add another cannon at another location or upgrade one you have placed previously.
  • You can also change a higher numbered cannon into a smaller one so you can add more of them.
  • You must pick up the treasures (L) as they appear before they sink.
  • The amount of waves of ships remaining is located here (M).
  • The more treasures you end up with, the higher number of Skulls earned (N).
Pirate Chronicles
  • This mini-game is called Cannon Combat.
  • Shoot at all the cannons first (O) so they don't eliminate any of your cannons.
  • Shoot at the boosts (P) as they pop up after you have eliminated the active cannon pointing at you.
  • Avoid the ricochet (Q) or you will lose a cannon.
  • The amount of time remaining is located here (R).
  • The more cannons you end up with, the higher number of Skulls earned (S).

Treasure Locations

Pirate Chronicles
  • Collecting Treasures increases your Coin reward.
  • You may need to clear obstacles or remove palm trees to reach some Treasures.
  • You can see the amount of treasures available and collected here (T).
  • Ancient Ruins (U) excavations will unearth hidden treasures.
  • See the following screens for the Treasure locations.
Pirate Chronicles Pirate Chronicles Pirate Chronicles
  • Level 1-3 to 1-6 (V).
  • Level 1-7 to 1-10 (W).
  • Level 1-11 to 2-1 (X).
Pirate Chronicles Pirate Chronicles Pirate Chronicles
  • Level 2-2 to 2-5 (Y).
  • Level 2-6 to 2-9 (Z).
  • Level 2-10 to 3-2 (A).
Pirate Chronicles Pirate Chronicles Pirate Chronicles
  • Level 3-3 to 3-6 (B).
  • Level 3-7 to 3-10 (C).
  • Level 3-11 to 4-3 (D).
Pirate Chronicles Pirate Chronicles
  • Level 4-4 to 4-7 (E).
  • Level 4-8 to 4-11 (F).

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