Puzzle Bots Walkthrough

Welcome to the Puzzle Bots Walkthrough! Join the Puzzle Bots as they outwit mischievous children, curious animals, and dysfunctional inventors in their quest to find the truth! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document contains a complete Puzzle Bots game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by BrownEyedTigre.

Walkthrough Menu

General Tips

  • This is an Adventure Game.
  • Click on the menu button to save, load, quit and change sound options. You can also turn subtitles on and off in the Sound Options menu.
  • Click frequently on the robots to see what they have to say.
  • Click on the green hint button in the lower left of each screen for a hint.
  • For subtle hints and extra comments be sure to click on the objects in the room even if you do not think you need them.
  • There are 8 bonus items for you to find. They are marked in the walkthrough. You can check out the Concept Art and Bloopers in the menu screen when you have found them all.
  • Each robot has a different set of skills:
  • Hero can pick up objects that are not too heavy. Click on the object to pick it up. Click on the picture of the object he is carrying above his head to drop it.
  • Ultrabot can push objects, especially if it the object is too heavy for Hero to carry. If there are multiple directions to move an object you will see arrows allowing you to choose a direction.
  • Kelvin can heat, burn, melt and light objects.
  • Ibi can tow things, but she can only tow them under water. She can go on land, but she will not be able to help with anything that is not in water. You may need to place things near a waters’ edge if you wish her to tow it.
  • Bomchelle can bomb things.

Meet Hero

  • Meet Hero; he is the robot that can pick things up.
  • Click on the LADDER to pick it up.
  • Click on open door with green light to use LADDER on the door and exit.


Puzzle Bots
  • Walk down off the LADDER and click on it to pick it up.
  • Click on the red door to place LADDER against the wall.
  • Pick up the KEY and click on the red door to exit.


Puzzle Bots
  • Walk down off the LADDER and turn and pick it up.
  • Click on the gap in the floor to place the LADDER across to make a bridge.
  • Click on the KEY and carry it over the ladder/bridge and place it anywhere on the side with the red door. You can drop what Hero is carrying anytime by clicking on the object above his head.
  • Pick up the LADDER and click on the red door to place the LADDER against it.
  • Pick up the KEY and click on the red door to exit.


Puzzle Bots
  • Pick up the HOOK-SHAPED LAMP and use on the green Saturn shaped KEY.
  • Drop HOOK-SHAPED LAMP and pick up KEY.
  • Use KEY on proximity sensor.

Meet Ultrabot

Puzzle Bots
  • Meet Ultrabot, he is the robot that can push things.
  • Click on the Oven to get arrows and then click on the arrow pointing to the left.
  • Click on the Fridge and click arrow pointing left. Exit room through the doorway with the green light.


Puzzle Bots
  • Push the plant to the left.
  • Push the table away from you.
  • Push the chair right two times.
  • Push the plant towards you.
  • Push the table to the left.
  • Push the chair away from you. You can now click on the exit and watch Ultrabot climb up and out.


Puzzle Bots
  • Push chair to the left, then push chair forward over the floor panel disco lights.
  • Push bookshelf so that it falls against the right wall and you can now exit.

Counter Adventure

  • Back in the Habitat, click on Hero tab and have Hero pick up KEY and use on Proximity Sensor.
  • As Hero, pick up THERMOMETER and use THERMOMETER on gap and cross over to the other side.
  • As Ultrabot, cross over the thermometer and climb the books and push over the blue book entitled 1001 Submersibles to form a bridge over next gap.
  • Move both Utrabot and Hero across the fallen book to the other side.
  • As Hero, pick up screwdriver and move out of the way of the tape.
  • As Ultrabot, push the tape towards the gap and it will make a bridge.
  • Cross both Ultrabot and Hero (still holding SCREWDRIVER) over the Duct Tape to the other side.
  • As Ultrabot, push the jack in the box and the CRANK falls down.
  • As Hero, drop the SCREWDRIVER and pick up the CRANK. Use the CRANK on the hole.
  • As Ultrabot, push the crank and the Jack in the Box will pop up.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, move to the front of the box and grab the ACCORDION from the Jack in the Box when he leans forward. If you miss, just have Ultrabot push the crank again till you can get it.
  • Use the ACCORDION on the gap to the right and cross over.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, Pick up the SCREWDRIVER and cross over to the suitcase. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the suitcase and it will open up. Alternative method is to click on the combination lock and put in the code from Mom’s B-Day post-it note on window. The code is 111.
  • Collect BONUS 1 of 8, by clicking on zebra striped table in suitcase.
Puzzle Bots
  • Using Hero, use the SCREWDRIVER on the grate and jump down the hole with both Ultrabot and Hero.

Kitchen Adventure

Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ultrabot, push over the bag of coffee to get COFFEE GROUNDS.
  • As Hero, pick up the blue plug and plug it into the outlet.
  • As Hero, climb up the cord and get the prize that popped out of the popcorn bag to receive BONUS 2 of 8 - Tall Lamp.
  • Pick up the CUP and climb down the cord.
  • Use the CUP on the spilled COFFEE GROUNDS and climb up the cord.
  • Drop the COFFEE GROUNDS into the top of the coffee pot.
  • As Ultrabot, push the coffee pot button to start the “Spaceship.” Off they go!
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ultrabot, push the Vending Machine.
  • As Ultrabot, push microwave door closed.
  • As Hero, pick up toaster plug and plug it into outlet.

Meet Kelvin

Puzzle Bots
  • Meet Kelvin. He is a flame throwing robot that has the ability to burn/melt things.
  • Your objective is to melt all the sculptures so you can escape. Watch the disco lights underneath the sculptures.
  • Melt the statue that currently has the lights flashing underneath it. When all 4 are melted the exit door will open.


Puzzle Bots
  • There are 4 objects to be lit in the room. The objective is to light them all so they are all lit at the same time.
  • The correct order to light them is the Whirlpool, the Fireplace, the Left Candle and the Right Candle.


Puzzle Bots
  • Heat the water on the floor, then heat the two wire breaks and then light the candle. Exit to the right.


  • Use Hero to escape the habitat using the key on the Proximity Sensor.
Puzzle Bots
  • Click on Bonus 3 of 8 – Blue Chair that is stuck under the hatch door and have Hero pick it up.
  • As Hero, pick up the pink wire and insert in the pink hole. Repeat the process for the blue, yellow, green and red wires.
  • As Hero, pick up the PURPLE WIRE and click on the broken blue wire one level up. He will automatically walk up and connect.
  • As Kelvin, click on the newly connected blue and purple wires and heat them on both sides.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Kelvin, move up one level and heat yellow broken wire.
  • As Ultrabot, click on power supply and he states “looks like something is missing”.
  • As Ultrabot, go up to third level and push BATTERY three times to get it to the bottom level and into power supply box.
  • As Hero, head up to the order panel to fill Zander and Astrid’s orders. The key which buttons to push are located on the yellow post-its stuck on the back wall of Dinah.Zander – Soda and Cheeseburger – Push 1D Astrid – Iced Tea and Piece of Pizza – Push 5A

The Mechflower

Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, click on Bonus 4 of 8 - Red Chair peeking out of the sand hill.
  • Note the clues on the side of the mechanical seed box. You will need dirt, oil, sun and a Bee.
  • As Hero, pick up the TROWEL and use on the DIRT.
  • Use DIRT on the seed and drop the TROWEL.
  • As Ultrabot, push Oil Can and then push the Squeeze Ball on the can to oil the mechanical flower.
  • As Ultrabot, push brick holding sun.
  • As Kelvin, light candle in sun.
  • As Ultrabot, push brick to raise the sun.
  • As Kelvin, heat vines to get KEY and burn the box to expose the BEE.
  • As Hero, pick up the BEE and drop it. The BEE will automatically fall outside the box.
  • As Hero, pick up the KEY and place on BEE. BEE Must be out of the box in order to do this.

Meet Ibi

  • Meet Ibi. She can tow things under water and can roll on land.
  • Have Ibi tow the 3 tiles to the hole that matches the same shape.
  • Swim to exit when all holes are closed and water rises.


Puzzle Bots
  • Click twice on the water on the opposite side of the dry hill in the middle.
  • Click on tile and then click on hole in wall.
  • Now that the water has risen, have Ibi tow the KEY and use on the door and swim to exit.


Puzzle Bots
  • Click on the KEY and Ibi will pull it out.
  • Tow the KEY down the hole.
  • Use the KEY on the exit door and roll out the exit.


  • Back in the Habitat, have Hero pick up KEY and use on Proximity sensor.
  • As Kelvin, heat the bird and he will let you all go.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, click on BONUS 5 of 8 - YELLOW COMFY PILLOW in the reeds above the pink fish.
  • Drift Ibi all the way to the bottom of the pond and swim into the football helmet.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, pull out the decayed tooth by clicking on the tooth to connect the tow line and then repeatedly clicking on the red gills in the back. Keep clicking till Ibi pulls the tooth out.
  • Tow Ultrabot out of the helmet/fish and continue towing him up and out of the water and drop him off on the bank to the right.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, go back into the water and tow berries on the right by the crayfish and tie to thin stem of the lily pad underneath Hero and the crayfish will follow and cut the stem.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, tow the fly shaped rock up to the lily pad that Hero is laying on. The frog will eat the rock and a real fly will land on lily pad.
  • Tow the lily pad over to the bank. Be sure to pull all the way till Hero gets up and runs on shore.
  • Tow the fly on the lily pad to the pink fish blocking the hole. The fish will leave and you can swim through the hole.
Puzzle Bots
  • Ibi is unable to cross the bubbles to rescue Kelvin. Click on the hook on the fish’s tail when it is on the right side of bubbles and it will pull you through.
  • Click on the hook to unfasten when you get on the left side of the bubbles.
  • Pull the valve all the way over to the left till the bubbles stop.
  • Tow Kelvin out to the right and up to the bank with the others.

Toy Boat

Puzzle Bots
  • Roll Ibi into the water and click on BONUS 6 of 8 - PEACH COLORED BEAN BAG CHAIR in Porthole.
  • As Kelvin, burn the twigs to free the WRAPPER.
  • As Ultrabot, push the twigs and the WRAPPER falls to bottom.
  • As Ibi, tow WRAPPER and use on crack in side of boat.
  • The GUM from the WRAPPER is now exposed on the bottom of the water.
  • As Ibi, tow GUM and use on the hole on the side of toy boat. The hole is now patched.
  • As Hero, pick up the BOTTLE CAP and drop it by the shore so Ibi can get to it.
  • As Ibi, tow the BOTTLE CAP and use on the porthole.
  • As Kelvin, heat the water in all three sections of the boat.
  • As Ibi, drag the BAG onto the shore.
  • As Hero, pick up the BAG and use the BAG on the mast to make a sail.
  • As Kelvin, heat the rope to cut off the anchor.
  • As Ultrabot, push the boat and set sail.

Meet Bomchelle

Puzzle Bots
  • Throw bomb on chain holding yellow platform above. Repeat for chain holding other end of platform to form a bridge and exit.


Puzzle Bots
  • Bomb the chain on the right side of the platform and then bomb the cracked platform beneath it.
  • Rollerblade down the ramp and exit.


  • Bomb each hole 2 times till water comes out of each. When complete the water rises and lifts the platform and you can exit.

Toy Castle

  • Have Hero pick up the KEY and use on the Proximity Sensor.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, swim to bottom and pick up the CRANK and use on the hole next to drawbridge. Go back down and tow up the SHIELD and place on land.
  • As Bomchelle, bomb the chains holding the Portcullis up and you can gain entry to the castle.
  • As Kelvin, burn the haystack and a HELMET is found.
  • As Hero, place the SHIELD and the HELMET on the Armor on the right side of the tower in the castle to reveal a stairwell.
  • As Kelvin, light Candle in the stairwell.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Bomchelle, go downstairs and bomb the weak bars and the 3 cracks in the walls to fill the dungeon with water.
  • As Ibi, go down the well and tow up the BUCKET, go back down and bring up the KEY from the lower cell wall.
  • As Hero, pick up the KEY and use on the castle tower door.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, pick up BONUS 7 of 8 - YELLOW PILLOW behind tower door.
  • As Hero, pick up candle from the stairwell wall and bring upstairs to canon and place on the paddle of the cannon.
  • As Kelvin, heat the paddle to melt the candle.
  • As Hero, bring BUCKET up to the tower and place on paddle on top of melted candle. If it is no longer sticky, have Kelvin heat paddle again.
Puzzle Bots
  • Gather Ibi, Kelvin, Hero and Bomchelle in the BUCKET and as Bomchelle, bomb the rope. Be sure when you try and get them all in the BUCKET you get the “Exit” Icon. You have to move the cursor around a bit to get it.

Doll House

  • As Bomchelle, bomb crack in pool.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, go into pool and tow SUGARBOWL and TEAPOT off of the Cabinet to lighten the load, then tow the cabinet off of the DOG TOY.
  • Tow DOG TOY out of the pool.
  • As Hero, pick up KEY on table and use on door under staircase.
  • As Kelvin, solder the broken wire on the floor leading to the sign. The sign gives you clues on what to do with Hugo the BOY DOLL and Paul the DOG TOY.
  • If you have troubles reading the sign you can click on it for a closeup.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, place BOY DOLL (Hugo) from inside of storage under the stairs and DOG TOY (Paul) and place on magnets by dining room table. This will change the sign to let you know where to go next.
  • As Hero, place BOY DOLL (Hugo) and DOG TOY (Paul) on the magnets by the windows under the sign. This will again change the sign to let you know where to go next.
  • As Hero get BONUS 8 of 8 - SHORT LAMP from under stairs storage area. You can now go check out the Bloopers and Concept Art Bonus in the Menu area.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, place DOG TOY (PAUL) on the magnet at the bottom of the stairs and place BOY DOLL (Hugo) upstairs to his father’s study and place him on the magnet at the top of the stairs. This has again changed the sign down below.
  • As Kelvin, go upstairs and heat the spider web.
  • As Hero, pick up DOG TOY (Paul) from bottom of stairs and bring upstairs into Hugo’s bedroom. Place DOG TOY on the dog bed magnet. Check sign for new directions.
  • As Hero, pick up BOY DOLL (Hugo) and place on magnet at foot of bed. A staircase to the attic comes down and the sign changes for next direction.
  • As Hero, go up into the attic and pick up the GIRL DOLL (Cherie) and bring her to the first floor.
  • As Kelvin, go to the attic and burn doll clothes off of Ultrabot.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ultrabot, go to the first floor and push cabinet. The front door is now visible along with two magnets in front of it.
  • As Hero, pick up the GIRL DOLL (Cherie) and the BOY DOLL (Hugo) and place on the magnets by the front door under the sign to open the front door. If you move the dolls the door closes and you cannot exit.
  • As Bomchelle, bomb the DOLLS and you can now exit.

The Factory

  • As Hero, pick up the KEY and use on Proximity Sensor.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, use the KEY on shadow in front of you (Ultrabot) and then walk up a bit and use the KEY on the next shadow (Ibi). Bomchelle is too far away for Hero to reach.
  • As Hero, go back down to bottom of pipe and pull up the tape and drop the KEY.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, tow the KEY and use the tape to close it back up and allow the water to fill up in the pipe.
  • Swim to Bomchelle and use the KEY on her and go back down and open the tape and exit.
  • As Bomchelle, bomb the crack in the upper elbow of pipe above the YoYo and exit through the hole.
  • Bomb the YoYo and the STRING from the YoYo will fall to the platform below.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ultrabot, push down the flap to the right.
  • As Hero, pick up KEY and use on Kelvin to turn him back on.
  • As Kelvin, heat the glove, the oily rag, the pencil and then the thermometer. You will need to heat as quickly as you can so that they all stay lit at the same time.
  • As Ultrabot, push lever to start machine and see that wrench has moved over.
  • As Hero, drop the KEY and pick up the WRENCH and use onthe bolt holding the cover in place by Kelvin. Kelvin is now free.
  • As Bomchelle, move to upper plank while Ultrabot pushes lever and she will come join the others.
  • As Hero, pick up STRING and use on Lever. Hero and Ultrabot will automatically finish getting the machine running.
  • Move each of the robots to the top of the conveyor to have them wrapped up and moved out.

Final Boss

  • As Ultrabot, push Zander’s feet two times to expose the cabinet door.
  • As Hero, open cabinet by Zander’s feet and pick up TAPE 4 from floor and place in cabinet by TAPE 3, then get TAPE 2 by Yuriko’s feet and place in cabinet.
  • As Ultrabot, push Zander’s feet one more time to put them a bit straighter and climb up.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Hero, climb up Zanders legs and move close to him on the TV stand and remove his GAG and drop it to the ground. (If you cannot climb up be sure and check that Zanders legs are not all the way bent.)
  • As Ultrabot, climb up Zanders legs and push in TAPE 1. Note the laser pointer in the middle.
  • Alternate Hero removing the tape, dropping it and taking the next one from the cabinet below and Ultrabot pushing them in. Watch all 4 TAPES.
  • After viewing the tapes, click on the TV to activate the laser controls. You can move the laser pointer with the view arrows.
Puzzle Bots
  • Start with Camera 1, move the laser pointer over to the bird on the counter and he will fly away.
  • Switch to camera 2 and move the laser pointer to point on bird. The bird will now follow the laser.
Puzzle Bots
  • Move the laser to the left and land on the tall pot to the left to make a sound, then get laser on bird again and take him over to the short pot in the middle and land on it two times. Listen for sound each time and then watch the hatch open and the bird fly out.
  • Switch to Camera 3 and move the laser to the bird and have him follow and go down the hatch and into the room. See Hugo get scared off.
  • As Ibi, go into the water by the drain and tow the lid to open it and exit down the drain. Swim right and tow SOLDIER to the opening of the drain and then roll out to the floor to stand him up.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Bomchelle, go to the TV stand and note the weak link on chain. You need a platform to bomb it, so we will have to make one.
  • As Hero, pick up GAG and use on the SOLDIER to make a parachute. Click on the toy GUN that soldier is holding and it will break off.
Puzzle Bots
  • Playing as Ibi, go back down the drain and tow GUNK all the way to the left side of pipe. You will need to keep pulling GUNK to keep the water down as you complete the following tasks.
  • As Kelvin, go down drain and heat the gas bubbles in drain and make the SOLDIER float up.
  • As Ultrabot, push grate on the drain to close it.
  • As Hero, place SOLDIER on drain.
  • As Bomchelle, throw a bomb at the SOLDIER when it is near the weak link on the top and they will be freed.
  • Congratulations you have completed Puzzle Bots. Don’t forget to go back and check out the Bonus content and Bloopers if you have found the Bonus items.

Created at: 2010-06-06