Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches Walkthrough

Welcome to the Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches Walkthrough! Piece together the clues, and find out the nature of the curse to banish Llwyd and set the lost souls of Pryderi and all the previous Rhiannons free! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document contains a complete Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches game walkthrough! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by Arberth Studios.

Walkthrough Menu

General Tips

<Main Menu:

  • After installation, and the opening sequence, you will be presented with the main menu from which you may select 'New Game', 'Credits' and 'Quit'. Select 'New Game' to begin. Once you have saved your first game, you can use the space-bar to skip the opening sequence and go immediately to the main menu. Once the game has begun, you will be able to save your game in one of the hundred save slots. After your first save, you will also be able to load a previously saved game from this menu.
  • Clicking 'New Game' will start the first cut scene.
  • You have received an email from your friend Jen who has asked you to help them out by house-sitting for her. She and her husband, Malcolm, are taking their daughter Rhiannon away for a while as Rhiannon is not well. The house, Ty Pryderi, is being renovated at the moment but Jen thinks you will be ok. They don't know how long they will be away as it depends on whether Rhiannon's condition improves.
  • You immediately drive to their aid and arrive at Ty Pryderi. The game begins as you lock your car and push open the farm gate that leads to the house and grounds. Save your game now so that when you play again, you will miss out the first cut scene.

In-Game Tutorial

  • Immediately the first cut scene ends you are presented with a series of tutorial screens to help you get started. These screens can be accessed from the lower menu at any time throughout the game. They describe the interactive map and the hints that are also available from the lower menu throughout the game. The top menu is where you can access your inventory and the main menu.

Chapter 1 – Arrival

Exploring the grounds

  • You have several options to explore the grounds before you enter the house but you can choose to enter the house instead and do the grounds later. If you decide to go straight to the house, skip the following paragraphs and begin at 'Exploring the House'.

The Terminus

  • As you arrive you will notice a building on your left. The door is padlocked. At the far end of this building there are some steps which can be climbed to a door at the top. This door is also locked. As you come down those steps and look left, there is a covered wood barn to your left containing logs.

The wood barn

  • Go down to the wood barn and notice that the logs can be examined but not yet taken. A path leads into the woodland area to the right of the log barn.

The woodland path

  • Go down to the end of the path and find another corrugated iron barn with brambles and nettles growing in front of it. There is a cog cursor here – may need something to cut down the brambles. Turn around and see a twig lying on the ground. It can't be taken yet. Return down the woodland path, and notice another twig on your right. It can't be taken yet. As you arrive back by the house, look beyond the pond to see a double blue gate.

The chapel path

  • Open the gate and go through. Take one step forward and see another twig lying on the ground on your right. Turn left to see an old well. Click on the magnifying cursor for a closer look. The well is covered and has a chain holding it closed. There is a cog cursor on the chain. Maybe it could be opened with something suitable. Continue to where the river stops your progress. Turn left to find another twig. Return along the path and go back through the blue gates.

The pond and jetty

  • Turn right and continue along past the pond. As you approach the building facing you, turn left to see a small jetty over the pond. Use the magnifying cursor to take you to the end of a jetty. See something poking out of the water with a cog cursor. Something long is needed to hook it out of the water.

The orchard

  • Zoom back from the jetty and take one further step along the path. There is an iron gate on the right. Go through the gate to access the orchard. There is an apple twig on the ground to your left which cannot be taken yet and a stone sticking out of the ground on the right. The stone can be examined by clicking on the magnifying cursor.

The stable

  • Leave the orchard, take one step forward and turn right to access the stable. Look round the stable and leave by the other door to bring you out in the yard.

The yard

  • Step forward and use the magnifying cursor to zoom in on the wall facing you. There is a Roman numeral III at the top of the wall and several cog cursors scattered on the wall. Zoom out and navigate to the wall further down to your left to find another magnifying cursor on the wall with a Roman numeral II and several more cog cursors. Turn around and then take one step forward and turn right to see the end of the stable which has a Roman numeral I and three more cog cursors. Turn right, forward and right again to see another open gate.

The mill path

  • Take the path through the open gate. Turn left to see another stone similar to the one in the orchard. Turn back to the path and go forward one step, then turn left again to see another twig lying on the ground. Continue up the path until you find a fallen tree blocking the way forward. Turn left to see another twig.
  • Make your way back down the path and return to the yard. Take one step forward and turn left to face the door into the stable. There is another twig lying in front of the stable door. Turn right to return to your original position and continue along the path between the two wooden fences. Here your path forks. Take the right fork and go up some stone steps.

The standing stone

  • There is a large standing stone here with strange markings etched into the stone. You can hear a ghostly voice calling 'Rhiannon'. Turn around and take one step down the steps. Turn left to find another twig. Continue back down the steps and take the right hand path (the left fork you chose not to take earlier). Another fork in the path will take you, left, back to the pond area or, right, to the back of the house.

The house exterior

  • Take the right fork to the house. As you take one step towards the house (part way along the stone steps) turn around to find another twig. Turn back and continue to the house where you will find a locked door. Turn back and take the path round the side of the house. As you go under the builder's scaffolding, turn back to find an 'up' arrow. Click on the 'up' arrow to find a cog hotspot against the builders scaffolding. Perhaps there is a way to climb up the scaffolding. Turn around and continue to the front of the house.

The shed and workshop

  • Before you find the key to enter the house, go out of the gateway directly in front of the front door of the house and turn left to the blue door in the small brick building attached to the larger building. Go into the shed and see something metal on the floor which cannot yet be taken. It looks like some kind of machine part. Click on the magnifying cursor to look at the shelves above you to the right. There are some old boxes of gardening chemicals you may need later. Exit the shed and turn left, forward and left again and zoom in on the workshop double doors which are padlocked. Turn round and continue past the house. As you pass the house, turn right and go forward to enter the patio area where there are 2 doors. The one on the right is locked. Go towards the left, blue door.

The boiler room

  • Go through the door to enter a room containing the central heating boiler. Turn left to find a cog cursor on the wall. There is an 'up' arrow here too. Click it to look up. Maybe a ladder is needed to access the roof space here.
  • Notice that your interactive map now has several arrows pointing to the areas you have visited. You can use these to 'jump' to those locations. However, it is advisable that you explore all the areas in detail so that you don't miss any clues.

Exploring the house

  • Go back to the front door of the house. Jen said in her email that you could find the key under the plant pot. Look left of the door and down to find a pot with the key underneath. Take the key and unlock the door – you will be taken through the door. It seems rather dark but Jen said they had switched off the power in the house until you arrived. Try the light switch at the end of the hall. Nothing happens. Turn round and go back towards the front door. Any attempt to leave the house is now blocked. Someone or something wants you to stay. Turn left and open the little cupboard to switch on the electricity. The hall lights up but you still cannot leave. Go towards the stairs. Something spins you round and the front door slams shut. More ghostly noises are heard asking you to stay and help.
  • Go back towards the closed front door and take Malcolm's note telling you he has hidden the study key while the builders still have access to the house. Turn right and look down to find a newspaper report about a horse causing an accident on the Ty Pryderi land. There is also an advertisement about a local craft workshop. Go back to the stairs. There is a cog hotspot on the stairs which, if clicked, makes a strange eerie noise. Try the door on the right – it is locked. Maybe this is the study that Malcolm mentioned. Try the left door and enter the living room.

The Living Room

  • The answering machine is bleeping. Go to the machine and listen to the three messages by clicking on the arrow to listen and the double arrow to advance to the next message. The first is from Tommy Harris, the builder. He has taken the building team away because there have been some strange occurrences and they have refused to work there any more. The second is from Jen. She's forgotten to tell you to light a fire if you want hot water and suggests you may want to feed the cat unless you want it to bring in dead animals. The last message is from Tommy again telling you that while they were working on the house they found an old bundle of cloth under the floor and he's left it on the kitchen table. Turn around towards the television and click on the magnifying cursor to zoom in. The television comes to life before you have chance to switch it on. Something is trying to scare you. Press the switch on the middle machine in the stack of three machines. The TV tries to connect to some other machine but doesn't find one. Press the switch on the top machine to play a tune called the Ash Grove. Zoom out of the scene and turn towards the fireplace to your right. Go forward until you are level with the sofa and turn left. See a 'down' arrow to allow you to sit down. There is a cog hotspot on the coffee table. There is also something under the cushion on the opposite sofa. Lift the cushion and pick up the leaflet about how to use an MP3 player between the stereo speakers. Put the leaflet back and turn towards the fire again. Zoom in on the fire and open the door. It is empty so in order to make a fire you are going to need some wood and something to light it with. Take a bundle of kindling from the basket on your left. Try it in the fire but something else is needed first. Zoom out and turn right and then left to the piano. Pick up the lighter and look at the music on the left – the Ash Grove – the same as on the stereo player. If you zoom in on the piano keys, you can play a few notes.
  • Turn right and exit the piano alcove. Go towards the glass cabinet and open the doors. There is a pocket guide to trees there. That may be useful to identify the twigs scattered about the grounds that you may have come across if you have explored outside. It goes back into the book shelf for now. Leave the living room by the door next to the answering machine to enter the dining room.

Dining Room

  • Turn left and see a set of stepladders which cannot be taken yet. Go towards the window and find a hand cursor on the left corner of the window sill. Click it to rattle the sill and expose an old photograph of what looks like the Ty Pryderi house, but it looks like it has had a serious fire at some time. Turn right and open the cupboard door. Move the cardboard box to find a torch (flash light). If you have clicked on the cog cursor on the stairs you will be able to take the torch to your inventory. Close the cupboard doors and turn right to enter the door in front of you.


  • Go forward to the end of the room. Click the magnifying cursor on the top left of the screen to zoom in on the shelves. Look at a bread tin and measuring jug before zooming out again. Pick up a tin of caviar from the window sill – it is not yet available. Zoom in and open the freezer. There is a cog there so something will need to be put in the freezer later perhaps. Turn left to see a box of fire-lighters that you can take and a chocolate fountain machine that cannot be taken. Turn around and see 2 yellow crates. Pull out the one on the left and take the light bulb. Pull out the one on the right to find a bottle of beer containing live yeast that cannot be taken. Turn right and step forward towards the door. Turn right to find a box of batteries that cannot be taken. Exit the pantry and turn right. Go through the door in front of you.


  • As you enter the room you hear a rattling sound. Turn right to look at the door. Click on the cat flap to find the source of the noise. The cat must have gone out through the cat flap. It is a good idea to open the bolt on this door for later. You will be taken through the door so turn around and go back through the door to return to the kitchen. As you come back through the door, click on the magnifying cursor to zoom in on the table to find the bundle of cloth that Tommy referred to in the answering machine message. Put it back and zoom out. Go forward into the room and turn left twice. Zoom in and open the top cupboard on the left. Take a tin of cat food. Look at the list of 'E' numbers on the back of the cupboard door. Close the cupboard and zoom out. Zoom in and open the top cupboard on the right. There is a container of salt which cannot be taken. Close the cupboard and zoom out. Zoom in on the bottom cupboard on the left. There is a bowl which cannot yet be taken. Zoom out and click on the recipe book on the far right of the top cupboards. The book mark is a recipe for making bread. May be useful later.
  • Use the turn around to face the oven. Zoom in on the oven door which will open to show a cog. Looks like you may need to bake something. Close the oven door and zoom out. Turn left and zoom in on the sink. Switch the taps on and off and notice the cog. Zoom out and turn left to the fridge. Open the fridge door. There is some butter in one of the door shelves which can't be taken and a tin of soup on the top shelf of the fridge. Click on it to open the lid. Ah, this is where Malcolm has cleverly hidden the key to the study. Take the study key.
  • Zoom out and turn right towards the door leading out of the kitchen and zoom in on the cat's bowl. The cat has left you a dead mouse because you haven't fed him. You can take the dead mouse or leave it on the floor. Click on the cat food from your inventory to feed the cat if you wish. Feeding the cat will temporarily stop the cat from bringing in mice until he's eaten the food you've put out for him. You can feed the cat as many times as you wish. If you take a dead mouse, you can flush it down the toilet in the bathroom on the far side of the cloakroom. Zoom out and go through the door ahead of you.

The cloakroom and toilet

  • You can now open the exterior door on your left that was locked from the outside to take you onto the patio. Open it and then return to the cloakroom and turn left to enter the toilet. If you took a dead mouse from the kitchen, you can flush it down the toilet.

Making the fire

  • You have so far collected some kindling, fire lighters and a lighter. If you explored outside, you will have found some logs in the wood barn - maybe those logs are now available. Exit the cloakroom and go to the wood barn (marked on the map) to take the logs. Return to the fireplace in the living room. Open the fire door and place the fire lighters, the kindling and the logs into the fire. Use the lighter to light it. You now have a roaring fire and hopefully some hot water. Exit the living room by the door nearest the TV to enter the hall.

The study

  • Use the study key on the door opposite to enter the study. Ahead of you is a pin board. Use the magnifying cursor to zoom in. Read about water divining. Malcolm has written a note on the back of this about where they may dig out a new well. There is a rough map of the house and grounds split into areas, a flyer about a brush cutter/strimming machine, a request by Jen for Malcolm to order her some business cards and a 'To Do' list. Jen is a homeopathy practitioner it would seem. Zoom out and then zoom in on the table containing the printer. The printer seems to have a paper jam if you try to press the flashing button. There is an MP3 player on the table. Take the MP3. If you press the 'on' button, it shows that the battery is flat. You need to find somewhere to charge it perhaps.
  • Zoom out and turn right. Zoom in on the desk drawers. Take a crumpled letter out of the waste paper bin - more information about Malcolm's intention to dig a new well at Ty Pryderi. Open the bottom drawer – nothing to look at there. Open the top drawer. Read the report from the tree surgeons employed to look over the state of the trees at Ty Pryderi. They refer to a plan and various areas containing certain trees – this will be the rough map you found on the pin board. Read the builders estimate. Close the drawer and zoom out.
  • Zoom in on the desk. There is a computer mouse and a Newton's cradle which cannot be taken. Also on the desk is a Persavox MP3 charger. Put the MP3 from your inventory on the charger. If you pick it up again it will show that it is now charging.
  • Zoom back and then zoom in on the shelves at the top right of the desk. Open the box file to read the estate agents advertisement about Ty Pryderi.
  • Zoom out, and turn round to face the book case. Zoom in on the old map of Wales. Zoom out and zoom in on the gold plate. Malcolm has been awarded this plague in recognition of his speech at a conference. Zoom out and click on the hand cursor on the top shelf of the book case. Read about the Welsh legend of the Mabinogion which involves a man named Pryderi. Could this be related to Ty Pryderi? As you read through the book you come across a note written by Rhiannon to her Dad, Malcolm. Rhiannon is imploring him to help her. She has also highlighted some words in the book and written that the book doesn't tell the whole story. There seems to be a link between the occurrences at Ty Pryderi and the legend. Pryderi's mother was also called Rhiannon. Could this have something to do with Rhiannon's fears that she is trying to convey to her Dad? Take Rhiannon's note to inventory. Continue to turn the pages until you reach the end of the book.
  • Zoom out of the bookcase scene and turn left towards the door. Look at the calendar on the back of the door before exiting.

Getting upstairs

  • If you haven't taken the torch from the dining room cupboard, click on the cog cursor on the stairs and then return to the dining room to get the torch. Return to the stairs and use the torch on the stairs. You encounter the wrath of Llwyd. He knocks you backwards and tells you that Pryderi's soul is his. Maybe Rhiannon was correct. Llwyd swore not to take his revenge on Pryderi during Pryderi's life but not after Pryderi died. Return to the stairs and use the torch on the stairs again. This time you can climb the stairs with the aid of your torch. At the top of the stairs you cannot go any further until you have replaced the bulb in the lamp on the table. Zoom in on the lamp and use the bulb from your inventory. The area is now lit and can be explored. Zoom out then go forward and enter the bathroom.


  • Notice a cog on the fan. Turn right and right again to face the sink. Zoom on the sink. If you have not yet lit the fire, turning the tap on will cause you to pan up to the mirror above the sink. However, nothing happens – you need to create some steam. If you have lit the fire and now have hot water, you will pan up to the mirror which will steam up to reveal the message 'harken'. This is an old English word meaning 'listen'. Maybe it is a message from Pryderi. As the message appears you hear the first 6 notes of the Ash Grove repeating. A clue to something.
  • Zoom out from the sink and turn right. Open the bathroom cabinet. Pick up and put down a bottle of homeopathy tablets – Strontium. Close the cupboard and exit the bathroom. Turn immediately left.


  • Zoom in and look at the sword hanging on the wall. It cannot be taken yet. Go through the door ahead of you.

Master Bedroom

  • It looks like this is Jen and Malcolm's bedroom. Go forward, pick up and look at the machine on the window sill. Turn and exit the bedroom. Go left, forward and enter the room at the top of the stairs.

Jen's treatment room

  • Jen has already set up her treatment room ready for her homeopathy clients in this room. Turn left and click on the letter on top of the book case. It is from Jen's mother who now lives in New Zealand. The letter returns to the shelf. Turn right twice and zoom in on the poster on the wall. It lights up – this must be important information. The poster has symbols of the four elements – earth, water, fire and air. It says 'the symbol's the thing'. Turn left then forward to the table. Read the article on the table that Jen has torn out of a magazine. It returns to the table so maybe it's not relevant to out current quest. Look at the other magazines. Zoom in on the framed certificate stating that Jen is a qualified homeopathy practitioner. Zoom out again. Turn round and exit this room. Go left, forward and right and enter the room.

Unfinished room

  • As you enter the room, the light swings round. Turn right -there is graffiti on the walls which looks like it was written in the 1960's. There is a cardboard box on the floor that will move but has to be replaced before you can turn back to the door and exit. Exit the room and go into the room on the right.

Jen's laboratory

  • This is where Jen make her homeopathy medicines. You can pick up and put down a rack of blue bottles on the shelf and a tray of microscope slides on the desk. You can zoom in on the microscope and look down the viewer but there is nothing to see. Zoom out and notice a cog on the desk. Something must be placed here. Exit this room and turn right.

Rhiannon's room

  • Click on the door handle ahead of you. If you have not yet lit the fire and seen Rhiannon's note to Malcolm you will hear the door rattle but not be allowed in. After you have completed those tasks, leaving the lounge or study will prompt the sound of Rhiannon's door rattling, leading you back upstairs to investigate. If you have already completed those tasks, Llwyd is not going to let you into Rhiannon's room that easily. As you try the door handle Llwyd burns the words 'Fetch Absent Child' into the door. He wants Rhiannon. Hear the sound that you heard on the bathroom mirror. The first 6 notes of the Ash Grove. Notice also that there are hand cursors on the first letter of each of the words 'Fetch Absent Child' (F, A, C). Go back downstairs and to the piano in the living room. Pick up the Ash Grove music. The first 6 notes are C F A C A F. Go back to Rhiannon's room and click on the letters on the door in the order C F A C A F. You are pulled into Rhiannon's room and subjected to a ghostly scene. You can hear Llwyd and the other whisperings you heard earlier.
  • Turn left and zoom in on the chest of drawers. Pick up and read the birthday card. Malcolm has written that Rhiannon has the key to his heart and also the key to his workshop - a clue perhaps. Pick up and read Rhiannon's diary to the end. Rhiannon has been so troubled by the ghostly noises that only she can hear, that she has been in touch with an historical expert to try and find out why she may be being subjected to the hauntings. She mentions that she has changed her computer password and the fact that she wanted to have a look behind the fireplace in her room. She also states that she has started another diary to record the haunting but she has hidden it somewhere.
  • Zoom out and turn right. Look at the Gottiko poster. There is a badge of a skull which cannot yet be taken. Zoom out and click on the down arrow by the fireplace. Click on the cushion and the vent to access Rhiannon's secret diary. Notice the reference to 'Dreamy Dylan' on the first page. Read the rest of the diary. Rhiannon has been scared to the point of insanity by the ghostly noises and apparitions. Return the diary and click on the 'up' arrow to exit the fireplace. Turn right and zoom in on the window sill. Click on the book. The book describes the link between the old Ogam script and certain trees that were important to the Celts. This may be useful later. Zoom out of the window sill.
  • Turn to face the bed. Click on the drinks can under the bed.
  • Turn to face Rhiannon's desk and zoom in on the computer area. Pick up and put down the piggy bank and the leaflet from Malcolm asking Rhiannon to download some music for him. Click on the photograph of the standing stone on the pin board. Open the drawer on the right. Find some crayons, a roll of tracing paper and Rhiannon's physics homework. Zoom out to close the drawer.
  • Zoom in on Rhiannon's computer. Click the screen to switch it on. You need a password. Enter 'Dreamy Dylan' from Rhiannon's secret diary to access Rhiannon's email. To exit the computer, close down any current screens by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the screen and then on the cat to switch the computer off before zooming out. Once the password has been entered you can access the computer again just by clicking on the screen.
  • Click on the envelope icon and 'Emma' on the email screen. Read through the emails between Rhiannon and her friend Emma who she has had to leave behind when she moved to Ty Pryderi. Go back and click on 'Jon Southworth' to read all the correspondence between Rhiannon and the historical expert. Jon is very concerned about the things that are happening to Rhiannon and is trying to help as best he can. Read all the emails before accessing the final one on the list from Jon. Open the final one to read about a lady who used to live on a commune at Ty Pryderi. One of her friends was called Rhiannon. That girl disappeared from the commune leaving 2 small children. She was never found. Jon is really concerned now as there seem to be too many coincidences between Rhiannon's current situation and things that have happened in the past. He implores her to leave Ty Pryderi with her parents. As you read to the end of the email and try to return to the previous screen you suddenly start to faint. The screen goes black as you pass out.

Chapter 2 – Earth

  • You come to in Rhiannon's bed. Note the chapter heading is 'Earth' – one of the four elements. You get up seemingly none the worse for your experience.
  • You will notice that the computer is flashing that you have new mail. Access the computer and read the email from Jon. He is suggesting to Rhiannon that it might be helpful if she takes a rubbing of the standing stone. Open the drawer in Rhiannon's desk and take the crayons and tracing paper. Zoom out and turn towards the door. Someone or something wants you to take the note about downloading tracks from Malcolm. Exit the room and go downstairs. Enter the study and click on the MP3 player that you put on charge. (Note: if you didn't put the MP3 on charge you can do so now. Exit and return to the study for it to be charged). Note that you can now scroll through three tracks on the MP3. One is 'Rhiannon' by Fleetwood Mac. Note the length of the track – 0406 – maybe this is what Malcolm was referring to in the birthday card. You now have 2 tasks you can perform in any order. Either take the rubbing of the standing stone or try entering the code on the padlock on the workshop.

Taking the rubbing from the standing stone

  • Head up to the standing stone and use the tracing paper followed by the crayons on the cog cursor. You will automatically take the rubbing that can now be taken to inventory. You may now return to Rhiannon's room to find 2 more emails from Jon explaining how to translate the rubbing or you can enter the workshop.

Access to the workshop

  • Enter the code 0406 into the padlock. The door opens and you can enter. Go forward and zoom in on the work bench. There is a can of RD20 lubricant, a spanner and a note about a torque wrench. Zoom out and zoom in on the area with the large petrol and oil cannisters. There is a brush cutter similar to the one you saw on the pin board in the study. The note said 'oil in first 20:1'. If you explored the grounds earlier, you will have come across an old barn at the end of the woodland path. If not, do so now so that the brush cutter will become available. Maybe this is what you need to clear those brambles outside the old barn. Click on the black handle on the brush cutter to attempt to start it. It sounds like it is out of fuel. You are going to need something to get the oil and petrol into the machine. Zoom out and turn left. Look at the box on the floor – there is a rechargeable battery containing lithium. Look on the shelves. There is a red oil can and a larger measuring jug. Take the measuring jug. (Note: the measuring jug will not be available unless you have been to the top of the woodland path and seen the brambles in front of the corrugated barn.

Brush cutter puzzle

  • Return to the large oil and petrol cans. Take the black cap off the brush cutter then use the measuring jug to fill the brush cutter tank with the correct amount of fuel. As you use the jug on the oil and petrol tank, note that you can see how much is in the jug at the top right corner of your screen. The note said 20:1 oil in first. That is one part oil to 20 parts petrol. Putting the jug under the oil can results in one unit of oil in the jug. Putting the jug under the petrol can results in 4 units of petrol in the jug. Add one measure of oil to the brush cutter tank followed by 20 measures of petrol (or 5 lots of 4 units). When you have finished with the jug, right-click it to return it to the inventory and replace the cap on the brush cutter by clicking on the top of the tank. Try pulling the starter handle. If you have done it correctly, the brush cutter will start and go to your inventory. Any mistakes you make will result in the tank emptying whereby you can start again.
  • Zoom away from the petrol tanks and turn right. Zoom in on the old chest of drawers. Open each drawer to find a paint scraper tool in the top right hand drawer that is not yet available. Try to open the bottom drawer but it is stuck. Turn back to the bench and take the RD20 lubricant. Use it on the bottom drawer to free it. Click inside the drawer to take part of the drawer lining under which is a paper about the Mabinogion legend. Note that the writer of the paper breaks down the four branches into a period of Pryderi's life. The first of these – his birth and childhood – is related to the earth element, maybe there is a link between this and the fact that we are in the earth chapter. The paper goes on to name certain significant items related to this part of Pryderi's life – the sword, claw, foal, cradle and crown. You may already have seen symbolic instances of some of these objects. Remember also the poster in the treatment room that suggests that if you don't have the real thing then you should use the symbol.
  • Turn to face the workshop doors and note a contraption on the shelf above the doors. It looks like something you may use to winch up something heavy.
  • Leave the workshop. You can now either try using the brush cutter on the brambles at the end of the woodland path or go back to Rhiannon's room to read your latest emails from Jon.

Translating the standing stone rubbing

  • Return to Rhiannon's room and access the computer. Read Jon's first email and the attachments. Note in particular that Jon states that the Celts used Ogam symbols to denote certain trees. Have a go at using the Ogam dictionary to translate the stone rubbing yourself.
  • You can skip this part of the game by going straight to Jon's second email and use the Ogam translator program if you prefer not to look up the symbols yourself. You will need to use the program eventually to check that you have made the correct translation even if you have translated it yourself from the dictionary attachment.
  • First look up each symbol on the rubbing starting with the left hand line of symbols. Reading from top to bottom and comparing them with Jon's first attachment, they make up the following letters – IDODILUBU. According to Jon's email, if the letter don't form a recognisable word then they need to be grouped together in threes where each group has a vowel, consonant, then vowel. So in this case it would be IDO ODI ILU UBU because the third letter of each group becomes the first letter of the next group.
  • Using the dictionary, the groups can be translated into the following – Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Looks like you're on the right track.
  • Do the same for the other 3 columns of Ogam script. They translate as follows:AMARIHILA – grouped into 3's become AMA ARI IHI ILA which translated mean – I bind your soul upon death. ICECUNURO remember Jon says to change 'C' into 'K' so these become IKE EKU UNU URO which translated mean – To roam this land without memory AFEDIGINATU – become AFE EDI IGI INA ATU which mean - Never to find your final resting place.
  • Jon has provided a little program in his second email which will help us check if our translation is correct. This program has to be used to continue this part of the game.

Using the Ogam Translator Program

  • Open Jon's program and enter the symbols in groups of three as per his instructions in the first email. Remember that the last symbol of the first group becomes the first symbol of the following group until you reach the bottom of that column. Then you must start afresh on the next column. Any mistake and you will have to start again from the beginning and be subjected to Llwyd's mirth so it is a good idea to save your game often until you have completed this task.
  • As you enter each group of three correctly you will need to click the button to add the word to the area at the bottom of the screen. When you have entered all the symbols correctly, you will be able to save and print out the result and take the Ogam printout to your inventory. As you do so, the photo of the standing stone on the pin board tilts – suggesting that maybe the stone will tilt back to reveal a clue.
  • Reading the printout it would seem that Rhiannon was correct. Llwyd has indeed imprisoned Pryderi's soul and left him without any memories of his life. However, every spell or curse must have a means to its undoing.

Return to the standing stone

  • The photo tilting may have been a clue so you should now return to the standing stone to investigate. Now you can see a cog cursor above the stone near an overhanging branch. Maybe it's time to see if that contraption in the workshop is available. Return to the workshop and take the block and tackle from above the double doors. Go back to the standing stone and use the block and tackle on the cog above the stone. The stone tilts back. Use the 'down' arrow to look what might have been revealed. Take a piece of slate from under the stone. The slate seems to be broken – maybe it is a part of something larger and there are other pieces scattered about that make up the rest of the slate.

Finding pieces of slate

  • Remember you found a smaller standing stone in the orchard. Return there and find that you can now push the smaller stone back to reveal another piece of slate with similar markings. There still seems to be a missing piece – it is perhaps under a similar stone. Exit the orchard and turn right and then enter the mill path. Turn left as soon as you are past the gate to find another stone which can be pushed back to reveal the final piece of slate. Open one piece of slate from your inventory by right-clicking on it then left click and drag the other pieces over to combine it. Note that parts 1 and 3 will not combine without first combining part 2 with parts 1 or 3. Once combined you can see that there is a little flashing star on the slate and Roman numerals at the top. The combined slate goes to your inventory. Now visit the yard and zoom in on two sections of the wall - note the Roman numerals at the top of each section as you zoom in. Also visit the gable end of the stable building, and again, note the Roman numeral at the top. Go to any one of those areas and your slate will immediately pop up in front of you. You will notice several 'cogs' on these walls below the Roman numerals. However you need something to scrape away the moss on the walls before you can reveal what the wall has to offer. Go back to the workshop and take the paint scraper from the top drawer of the chest. Return to the wall indicated by the first flashing star (the wall in the yard with the Roman numeral III).

The slate wall puzzle

  • Use your paint scraper to scrape off all the moss on the walls. This can be done all at once or as required by the indicator on the combined slate. The stars on the slate correspond with the stones on the wall covered by moss. You must scrape off the moss and click on each stone in the order indicated by the flashing stars on the piece of slate. Do this until you reach the last flashing star. As you press the final word, the slate will reveal the words in the correct order as follows:Your life symbols scattered through place and time The means to redemption of your spirit Restored to fullness by consumption Earth, Water, Fire, Air.
  • Could this be the unravelling of the curse? It seems to relate to the symbolic importance of certain items during Pryderi's life as noted on the paper you found in the drawer in the workshop. If you collect those objects and restore them somehow, could that be the means to Pryderi's release?
  • As you zoom out of the final section of wall you are met by a spirit in the form of a ball of light. You are then guided back to the standing stone where the light disappears under the stone. Go forward and look down under the stone. Click the hand cursor for the stone to move back to reveal a wooden crown. Take the wooden crown. Note that this is one of the items listed on the symbolic objects paper you found. As you take the crown, the area under the standing stone becomes charged with a glowing energy. (Note, if this doesn't happen, it will happen later depending on whether you have carried out all the relevant tasks).

Using the brush cutter

  • Go down the woodland path and face the old barn. Use the strimmer on the brambles. Click on the corrugated iron and go forward into the barn. To the left is a battered old car. Try the door handle. It won't open but a cog cursor appears on the car window. Turn right and pick up a small rock from the ground. Use the rock on the glass to break it. Take the rocking horse – another of the symbolic items. Pick up and put down a charm bracelet from the floor by the front seat. There seems to be a charm missing here. Pick up and put down the glove. Read the diary on the front seat. The diary must have belonged to the Rhiannon mentioned in the email that Jon received from the lady who used to belong to the commune. This Rhiannon is called Rhiannon Wallace and she had two children called Jonathan and Rachel. Note that the person she met at night classes and went out with is the same person who wrote the Mabinogion paper you found. Rhiannon also mentions an old charm in the shape of a claw that the children found – maybe this is the claw we need to find to add to the list of objects that will remind Pryderi of his life. Also note that Rhiannon Wallace says she felt really ill when she was near a large holly tree.
  • Leave the car and return to the woodland path. As you attempt to go forward down the path the light orb we saw earlier appears. She is seeking her children, Jonathan and Rachel and wants your help finding them. This must be the spirit of Rhiannon Wallace. Take 3 steps forward and turn right. See some leaves falling by a holly tree. Pick up and put down the holly twig.
  • Return to Rhiannon's room to find another email from Jon waiting for you. Jon has found a newspaper report about a girl being found in the woods near Ty Pryderi. It was a couple of years after the time Rhiannon Wallace wrote her diary. It seems very likely that the body was that of Rhiannon Wallace. Note that she was buried by the local authority because no one knew who she was.
  • While you are upstairs, go to the landing outside the master bedroom and take the wooden sword. According to the Mabinogion paper we still need to find the cradle and the claw. Remember the advertising flyer inside the newspaper on the floor by the front door. It showed a picture of a cradle. Go downstairs and take the advertisement flyer.
  • Go back to the holly tree down the woodland path. There is now a 'down' cursor to click on. Watch as you see Rhiannon Wallace's body disintegrate and get blown away by the wind. As the sequence ends there is something catching the sunlight. Click on it and take the claw charm that Rhiannon must have been holding when she died.

Transforming objects by consumption

  • Return to the standing stone. The base of the stone is glowing and has a cog as if it is waiting for something to be added. If you haven't already been collecting the twigs that have become available, go back and take the ten twigs scattered around the grounds as follows:Ash and Oak along the woodland path Apple from the orchard Beech and Elm from the mill path Hawthorn from the steps leading to the standing stone Willow and Birch from the chapel path Rowan from the yard (go towards the standing stone between the 2 wooden fences. The twig is at the top end of the fence on the right) Blackthorn from the stone steps leading to the back of the house (you need to turn round and face the path leading back to the standing stone)
  • Note that the holly twig is not one of the twigs that need to be collected. The hazel twig you found by the stable door is not used in this chapter.
  • The object of the transformation is to match the twigs with the relevant object from Pryderi's life. You only have 5 objects to transform so you only need 5 of the twigs. Look closely at each object (sword, cradle flyer, claw, crown and rocking horse) by right-clicking them from the inventory. They each have an Ogam symbol etched onto them apart from the advertising flyer which shows the symbol in the map of directions to the artisan's studio and states it is on Birch Street.
  • Remember the Pocket Guide to Trees in the glass cabinet in the living room and the Magical Properties of Trees book which showed the Ogam symbols associated with different trees on Rhiannon's window sill. Go to get those books now and find they can be taken to inventory.
  • Look up the twigs in the Pocket Guide to Trees to identify them as follows:Twig 1 – Apple Twig 2 – Ash Twig 3 – Beech Twig 4 – Birch Twig 5 – Blackthorn Twig 6 – Elm Twig 7 – Hawthorn Twig 8 – Oak Twig 9 – Rowan Twig 10 – Willow
  • Look up the Ogam symbols in the Magical Properties of Trees book:The crown has the symbol associated with Elm The sword has the symbol associated with Ash The claw has the symbol associated with Blackthorn The horse has the symbol associated with Apple The cradle we already know is associated with Birch
  • Return to the standing stone whereby the glow re activates. Place a twig or object into the hole followed by its corresponding twig or object as listed above. If you make a mistake the ground will shake and the objects and/or twig will return to your inventory. As you put the correct object into the hole with the correct twig, your symbolic object will transform into the object that will remind Pryderi of his life.
  • You can leave the area at any time until all the objects have been transformed. When you return, the objects already transformed will reappear.
  • As the last of the 5 objects is transformed, all the objects converge and leave you with an Earth Orb to take to inventory. As you do so, you pass out again as Llwyd strikes you down.

Chapter 3 – Water

  • You wake up again in Rhiannon's room. There are no new emails to read so make your way downstairs. As you click the 'down' arrow on the stairs you hear the sound of mail arriving and the postman driving away.
  • Note that if you go down the mill path you will hear the sound of a chain saw. It looks like Malcolm has organised someone to remove that fallen tree.
  • Go downstairs and take the post. There is a postcard telling you that the postman has left a parcel in the boiler room and a letter from Tommy, the builder who has collected his ladder and returned a key. Take the postcard, letter and key.
  • You can now go to the boiler room to find the parcel or find out which door the key opens.

Parcel in boiler room

  • Go to the boiler room (the left-hand door on the patio) and look down. Pick up the parcel. It is addressed to Jen. Return to the house and go up to Jen's laboratory. Place the parcel on her desk. Click to open it and take the camera instructions. Click again to take the camera out of the box and set it up.
  • Read the instructions. This is a Kirlian camera that was mentioned in the article on the table in the treatment room. Click the switch on the camera to see how it works. Notice the cog on the camera plate. Go to the treatment room and take the magazine article. Read how it has been discovered that if you take water and label its container with an emotion, then freeze it and examine it under a microscope, different patterns can be seen depending on the emotion that was written on the label. Read also that similar experiments are now being conducted with Kirlian photography. Maybe Jen was about to conduct such an experiment. Go back to the laboratory and take the bottles off the shelf and the tray of slides from the desk. Maybe you can try experimenting with labelling bottles of water to make patterns and see how they compare with the auras produced by Kirlian photography.

Open the door on the stone building (terminus)

  • Go outside and to the building on the right. The key fits the padlock on the lower door. Enter the building and have a look around. There is a crowbar in the wheelbarrow to the left of the door as you go inside. Take the crowbar. Turn to face the door and see a key on a board to the right of the door. Take the key. Turn left and go forward then turn around so the entrance door can be seen on your left. There is a magnifying cursor under the board where you found the key. Zoom in and take the rota, on the back of which is the 2nd part of the Mabinogion paper. The rota appears to belong to the time when Rhiannon Wallace was part of the commune in the 1960's. Read the Mabinogion paper and discover that it relates to the second part of Pryderi's life and has the element 'Water'. This chapter centres around that element. Note the significant objects in this part of Pryderi's life, namely – silver rods, gold plate, bread, starling, magic cloak, skull and cauldron of rebirth.
  • Zoom out, and turn right. Look up to find a long hook attached to the ceiling beams. Take the long hook. Note, you won't be able to take the hook unless you have visited the jetty on the pond and seen something in the water. Turn right and go forward. Turn left again. There is a trap door here which can be opened now with the crowbar or left until later. If you open it now, you will see that the floor beneath is flooded with water. You will have to find a way to drain the cellar if you want to go down there. Click on the magnifying cursor on the ladder above the trap door. Take the long ladder. Note, you will only be able to take the ladder if you have visited the scaffolding at the side of the house and used the 'up' arrow to see a cog. Zoom out, turn left, forward and left to see some planks stacked against the wall. Click on the planks but they cannot be taken until you need them. Turn around and go forward to a switch on the far wall. Click the switch but nothing happens. The switch needs power from somewhere. Go left and forward to some shelves containing paint pots. Move a paint pot to discover a strange shaped object which cannot yet be taken.
  • Exit the building and go left, forward and left again to the steps up the side. Climb the steps and turn left to the door. Use the key you found downstairs on the door to access the upper floor. Turn right and see that the floorboards are missing. Go back down to the lower floor and take a plank of wood that you saw earlier. Return and use it on the area where there are boards missing. Go forward and take the cauldron part from the recess in the wall on the right. Try to take a bag of floor but it is not yet available. Go back down to the pond and to the jetty.

Finding the cauldron pieces

  • Use the long hook on the object in the water. It is another cauldron piece which can now be combined with the one you already have. Now that you have a crowbar, perhaps you should revisit the well on the chapel path to see if you can break open the chain. Use the crowbar on the well chain to open it and climb down the ladder to find the final cauldron piece. Combine this piece with the other cauldron piece and watch as it transforms into the Cauldron of Rebirth. The inscription on the cauldron says 'Give me the blood of Earth, I give thee Life. Maybe 'the blood of life' refers to underground water or a spring? Remember the article about dowsing for water on the pin board in the study. Maybe that hazel twig near the stable door would be useful now. Also note that Malcolm suggested a place for the new well might be near the workshop by one of the paths in that area. Take the hazel twig and right-click it from your inventory. Left click it to make it available for use as a dowsing rod. With the hazel stick in your hands, walk up from the yard between the 2 wooden fences. The hazel twig will twitch as you near the right place where a spring exists. When you get to the fork that leads to the standing stone, click once more forward to notice your hazel rod really twitching and a cog to the left. Right-click the hazel twig to put it back into inventory and place the cauldron on the cog. The cauldron immediately fills with spring water. Try filling the bottles from the cauldron. Nothing happens. Maybe they need labelling first.

The microscope slides puzzle

  • Go to the study and click on the printer button. The printer prints out 2 sheets of identical labels which go to inventory. Right-click the bottles and drop one sheet of labels onto them to label the bottles. Right click the tray of slides and drop the other sheet of labels onto them to label the slides. Now you can return to the cauldron and fill the bottles with water. When you have the bottles filled with spring water, right-click the tray of slides and use the bottles on the slides to put a drop of water onto each slide. Notice that as the tray of slides goes back into your inventory, the bottles all become separated so that you now have 10 individual bottles each with a label showing each of the emotions. Now that you have a sample of each emotion on your tray of slides, you need to freeze them as instructed in the magazine article so that they can be viewed under a microscope. Take the tray of slides and place them in the freezer in the pantry. Leave the room and go back to take the tray of frozen slides.
  • Go to Jen's laboratory and zoom in on the microscope. Drop the tray of slides onto the microscope platform area. The tray of slides will open in front of you so that you can click and drag each slide onto the microscope in turn. Note that they all have distinctive colours.

Making bread

  • Note that one of the objects listed on the second part of the Mabinogion paper is bread. We haven't come across a loaf of bread but there is a bread recipe in the book in the kitchen. Go to the kitchen and take the bread recipe. Note the ingredients – flour, butter, yeast, salt and water. You will also need a bread tin, something to put the water in and a mixing bowl. Take the mixing bowl from the bottom left cupboard in the kitchen, the salt from the top right cupboard and the butter from inside the fridge (icebox) door. Go to the stone building and up to the upper floor and take the flour from across the plank. We're not going to eat it so it doesn't matter if the flour is a little past its best. Return to the pantry and take the bread tin and measuring jug from the shelves and the bottle of beer containing live yeast from the yellow crate. Right-click on the mixing bowl from your inventory and add the ingredients in the order described on the recipe. First the flour, then salt and butter. Click on the hand cursor in the bowl to mix. Click again to make a well for the yeast and water. Add the yeast. Click on the bowl to return it to the inventory until you have some water. Return to the kitchen and use the measuring jug on the cog under the taps (faucets) in the sink. Take the jug of water. Right-click on the bowl again and add the water. Click on the bowl to mix to make the dough. Click on the bread tin and then on the bowl to put the dough in the bread tin to make unbaked bread. Go to the oven and open the door. Place the unbaked bread in the oven. Close the door and open it again to get baked bread. You now have the bread you need.

Finding the significant objects

  • Go to the shed by the workshop and take the item on the floor. It is a tractor rod which should do as a symbol for the silver rods. Go to the study and take Malcolm's gold plaque off the bookcase – symbolic of the gold plate. Go upstairs to Rhiannon's room and take the skull badge from the Gottika poster. As you do, Llwyd tries to scare you again. Go to the kitchen and take the bundle of cloth off the table. That may be symbolic of the magic cloak. Llwyd is obviously getting worried that you are making too much progress in countering his spell because as you zoom out he causes the kitchen chair to move on its own. Now go to the scaffolding outside the house and look up to use the long ladder on the cog cursor. Climb the ladders right to the top. Turn left to find a weathervane in the shape of a bird. Take the starling.

The Kirlian camera puzzle

  • Go back to Jen's laboratory and place each of the significant objects on the camera plate one at a time. As you place each object on the plate, press the switch to take a photograph of the object's aura. The machine will automatically print out the photograph which you must take and then take the object back into inventory. Once you have all 6 photographs, you can compare them with the slides of frozen water. Notice the similarity of the colours as follows:Cloth matches the 'deceived' slide Bread matches the 'humiliated' slide Skull matches the 'duty' slide Tractor rod matches the 'insulted' slide Plate matches the 'calm' slide Starling matches the 'truth' slide
  • You can now return to the cauldron that is now bubbling and waiting to transform your objects.
  • Place an object (not the photograph) and the appropriate bottle of water into the cauldron as listed above. If you are correct, the object will transform. If you are wrong, the object/bottle will return to your inventory. You can leave at any time if you find you are missing anything until all the objects have been transformed and you receive the water orb. Take the water orb and Llwyd strikes you down again.

Chapter 4 – Fire

  • Wake up in Rhiannon's room. There are no new emails and nothing has arrived in the post. Go downstairs and out of the house. Go along the mill path and notice that the sound of the chainsaws has now ceased and the fallen tree has been removed. Continue along the path to the old mill.
  • At the point at which a magpie flies past, turn left to see a brazier – possibly used by the tree surgeons to burn the felled tree. Turn around and go down the steps by the mill. Turn left to find a locked door. Continue around the building to find the water wheel – it is not working.
  • Return up the steps and turn right. Go across the little bridge and zoom in on the sluice gate. The key to open the gate is missing. Could it be the strange object you found in the stone building? Return to the stone building, go through the door and left. Turn right at the end and go forward and left to the shelves. Take the sluice key and return to the sluice gate. Use the sluice key to open the gate. Water rushes along the channel and you can hear that something has started up. Return to the mill wheel to find it is now turning. Notice the cog cursor on the mill wheel.
  • Return to the stone building, turn right and left to the switch on the wall. Push the switch to empty the water out of the cellar. Go to the trap door. If you haven't already opened the trap door, use the crowbar on it. Go down the steps into the cellar.
  • Look around the walls to find 4 round stones that can be pushed in. Each contains the symbol of each of the elements – earth, water, fire and air as seen on the poster in Jen's treatment room. Go left towards the rusty boat, turn around and look back towards the stairs. Go forward and zoom in to see another circular indentation that is missing a symbol. When pressed, the indentation shows a cog cursor. Something is needed here.
  • Go back and get into the boat. Push the lever forward to set off down the tunnel. The boat stops half way down the tunnel. Leave the boat and go through the water-tight door.

Boswell's office

  • Look around the office. Look closely at the 4 portrait photographs. Look closely at the safe dial. Play the old gramophone record. Go round the room until the desk is on your right. Open the drawer in the desk and read Charles Boswell's diary.
  • Charles Boswell tells how he has bought Ty Pryderi for his son, Arthur, who wanted to become a farmer. He writes that has discovered that Ty Pryderi is not an ordinary farm - there is an evil presence. He is afraid for Arthur's new wife Rhiannon and has tried to protect her as he believes that Llwyd has somehow cast a spell that involves those whose names are Rhiannon. He has made a counter spell in the hope of protecting Rhiannon Boswell but the page containing the details of this have been torn out of the diary. However, it seems that Charles Boswell was unsuccessful as his final entry suggests. He notes that Rhiannon's birth date makes her an 'air' sign.
  • Remember the photograph you found in the dining room showing Ty Pryderi after a fire. You have also heard ghostly whisperings saying 'Arthur, it burns so, it burns so'. It would appear that Llwyd took Rhiannon Boswell by burning Ty Pryderi down just as he took Rhiannon Wallace's life by somehow killing her in the woods. Return to the boat and continue down the tunnel. Note that the boat will go either way depending upon which side of the boat you get into and that the boat will always be available either in the mill or the terminus.

The Mill

  • Arrive at the basement of the mill. Leave the boat and go up the spiral staircase. Look around the ground floor. There are some green gum boots which cannot be taken. Read the poster on the door. It would appear that something illegal was going on in the mill as there are instructions should the police arrive. Remove the board that is blocking the door and go through the door and then back into the mill so that the door will be accessible from the outside, should you need to return this way.
  • Look at the generator to the left of the door. It has a cog cursor.
  • Go upstairs to the top floor. As you arrive at the top of the stairs witness the light orb of Rhiannon Wallace's spirit arrive through the window and switch on the radio which plays 1960's music and then switches itself off again. Turn left at the top of the stairs to find a dusty shield awarded to the winners of a darts competition – not yet available to take. Look around and discover that the commune were making illegal drugs. It would appear that no one has been in the mill since that time.
  • As you look at the scene showing 3 identical posters stating 'have an absolutely spliffing day', notice a paper dart stuck in the rafters. Open the paper to find the third part of the Mabinogion. You will need to find 8 objects as follows – shield, boots, saddle, ring, fountain, golden bowl, mouse and glove.
  • Turn around and look closely at the notice board. Take the list of chemicals used to make fireworks of different colours (the bonfire poster). As this is the fire chapter, it would seem that there is a connection between the 8 significant objects and the 8 chemicals listed on the bonfire poster.
  • Look at the 'Bordeaux mixture' on top of the shelves near where you found the Maginogion paper dart. It contains copper sulphate – one of the chemicals on the list. Take the Bordeaux mixture. Go back to the top of the stairs and take the darts trophy from the window sill – this could be symbolic of a shield.
  • Go downstairs and take the boots. Leave by the door on this floor. Time to find all the remaining chemicals and significant objects.
  • Note that if you now walk along the chapel path, the water has subsided due to you having diverted the stream to the mill. Stepping stones now allow you to cross the river and continue to the chapel. Unfortunately, the gate is locked at the moment.
  • Go to the workshop. Look at the cardboard box containing items for recycling on the floor. Take the battery containing lithium. Go to the shed and take the tree stump remover containing saltpetre from the shelf. Go down to the car along the woodland path and take the orange glove. Go to the front door of the house and turn right to take the gypsum cement bag. Go to the boiler room on the patio. Once inside, turn right to see the cog against the wall. You need the stepladders from the dining room. Use the stepladders on the wall and climb up to get the rat poison containing barium carbonate. Go into the pantry in the house and take the yellow bowl, the blue chocolate fountain and the tin of caviar from the far window sill. There is an 'e' number listed on the ingredients. Go to the kitchen and look at the list of 'E' numbers on the back of the cupboard door. E285 is listed as borax. Go upstairs and into Rhiannon's room. Take the aluminium drinks can from under her bed. Go to the bathroom and take the bottle of strontium tablets from the bathroom cabinet. Go to the study and take the white computer mouse off the desk.
  • You have all the chemicals on the list and 6 of the objects but you are missing the saddle and the ring. Leave the study and enter the living room. The ghost of Rhiannon Boswell crosses the room and disappears through an old door into the dining room. You are forced to follow her. Note that if you haven't looked closely at the safe combination lock in the underground office, Rhiannon's ghost will not appear. You find yourself in the dining room as it was when Rhiannon Boswell died. She is lying in her coffin. On her finger is the ring that you need. Take the purple ring.
  • Turn and zoom on the cupboards to pick up the memorial card. Open each cupboard and take the blueprint of the tunnel between the mill and terminus building. Notice there is a number written on it. Could it be the combination to the safe? Take the tin containing some documents. Look at Arthur and Rhiannon's wedding certificate, a photograph of Rhiannon, Arthur, her sister Elizabeth and husband George, the report of her death and the inquest report. Finally pick up a scrapbook of pressed flowers and take the small key.
  • Note that if you fail to take any of the items you need – the blueprint, the ring or the key, you will be able to re-enter the Edwardian dining room by clicking on the forward arrow where the old door appeared in the living room wall. However, if you have those items, you will not be able to return to this room so make sure you have looked at all the information before you click on the door to return to the present day.
  • As you leave with all the items you need, you are spun round to see Rhiannon Boswell returning through the door and disappearing up through the ceiling. That has to be a clue. Go upstairs and into the room that is above the living room (the unfinished room). Move the crate on the right hand wall. Zoom in and use your crowbar to remove the floorboard. Take the box and use the small key from the flower-pressing book on the lock. Take the letter to Elizabeth and read how frightened Rhiannon had become after she started to experience strange noises similar to those that other Rhiannon's since her time have experienced. She mentions that she found an old saddle under the slate floor in the stable.
  • Go to the stable via the blue door by the pond. Go left to the end of the room and then right and forward until you can go no further. Turn around to see the ghost of a white horse. Zoom in on the floor and remove the slate to find a red saddle.
  • You now have all you need to transform the objects. At this point you can return to Boswell's office to try that number you found from the blueprint on the safe combination lock. However, it is not necessary in this chapter and can be left until chapter 5.
  • Go down the mill path to the brazier. It comes to life and is ready to accept your objects and the associated chemicals. The pairings are based on the colour of the object and the coloured flame that the chemicals make as follows:Yellow/green shield – Caviar containing borax Green boots – Rat poison containing barium carbonate Red saddle – Battery containing lithium Purple ring – Strontium tablets Blue chocolate fountain – Bordeaux fungicide containing copper sulphate Yellow bowl – Tree stump remover containing saltpetre White computer mouse – Drinks can made of aluminium Orange glove – bag of gypsum cement
  • Place the objects and the relevant chemicals into the brazier to transform them and take the fire orb.
  • Llwyd strikes you down again.

Chapter 5 – Air

  • Wake up in Rhiannon's room. Go to the stairs to hear the postman delivering the mail. Go downstairs and take a letter about the MP3 player and Tunovox machines that Malcolm owns. Open and read the letter from Jon Southworth and the complete paper about the Mabinogion including the final part relating to Pryderi's death.
  • Go into the study and take the MP3 which is now fully charged and waiting for you to add media. Go back upstairs to the master bedroom and take the Tunovox machine from the window sill. This chapter is called 'Air' so maybe it is related to sounds.
  • Read about the significant items that relate to Pryderi's death. The pig, death shroud, helmet and wand. Go back to Rhiannon's room and take the ceramic piggy bank from her desk. Go to the study and take the calendar showing a death shroud star. Go down the mill path to take the plastic hard hat from the ground near to the brazier. Now you are only missing the wand.
  • Go to the mill wheel where you saw the cog cursor. Use the Tunovox tone machine on the wheel. Press the tone button and your MP3 player automatically records the tone. Go inside the mill and do the same on the generator. Return to the house and capture the tone made by the fan on the bathroom wall. The final tone can be recorded either from the fridge (icebox) in the kitchen or the freezer in the pantry. As you collect the last tone, you will find you have 4 versions of the MP3 player in your inventory. Maybe they will pair up with the 4 objects that must be collected as noted on the final part of the Mabinogion paper.
  • Return to Boswell's office via the boat from either the mill cellar or the teminus cellar. Use the number you found on the blueprint – 87362 – on the safe dial. The safe opens. Look at the old farm accounts and safe receipt – for interest only. Take the scroll that appears to be the page torn from Charles Boswell's diary. The scroll suggests that the elements, plus one more he calls 'spirit' should be activated where water is in the centre. Could this be related to the round stones in the cellar of the terminus? However, the fifth 'spirit stone' was missing when we visited the cellar.
  • Pick up the final object in the safe. Press the switch on the handle and it returns to the safe. You need to find somewhere to use that item before it can be removed from the safe.
  • Return to the house and enter the living room from the hall. The answering machine has a new message from the Minister of the chapel telling you that he has unlocked the chapel gates as he promised Jen he would do.
  • Go to the chapel and enter the graveyard. Zoom in on all the graves. Find Rhiannon Boswell's tomb. There is a round stone attached to the front of the tomb with a hole in the middle and a cog – maybe the strange item in the safe could be used here? There is a stone container on top of the tomb. Try putting one of the orbs into the container. Take it out again. Have a look round the graveyard for other graves with similar containers. At the end of the path nearest the chapel is a grave showing Ogam script. Notice that the Ogam characters spell out the name Rhiannon. Could this be the grave of Pryderi's mother, Rhiannon of Pwyll? To the left is an unmarked grave. Rhiannon Wallace's body was buried in an unmarked grave because they did not know her identity. Jen's mother referred in the letter in the treatment room to a family plot bearing the names George and Lucinda Edwards. Find that grave by walking back towards the gates. Turn right and zoom in on the furthest grave. That also has a container in which to put an orb. Four relevant graves for each of the deceased Rhiannon's plus the plot belonging to Rhiannon Sullivan's family. Each grave needs an orb but you only have 3 orbs at the moment. Go back towards the church and notice a 'down' arrow along the path. There is a hole in a stone with a cog.
  • Go back to Boswell's office and open the safe. Take the antique key and return to the graveyard to use it on the round stone on Rhiannon Boswell's grave. The spirit stone can now be taken.

The Cellar puzzle

  • Return to the cellar under the terminus. Put the spirit stone in place in the indentation under the stairs. The scroll stated that the stones might be activated in balanced order but in sinister rotation. There was something about 'balanced order' on the note about the torque wrench in the workshop. Go to the workshop and take the torque note off the work bench. Sinister could mean 'left' or 'anti-clockwise'. In the cellar, press the stones in the following order – having started at the spirit stone – balanced order but in sinister rotation – go to the stone furthest from the steps to the right of the boat and press it. If it is the correct stone it will stay pressed in. Next go to the one on the opposite wall but nearest the stairs and press it. It will stay pressed in. Next go back to the first wall and press the one nearest the steps. Finally press the one on the opposite wall near the boat. If done correctly, the stones will all light up and something rises out of the water. Open the glass door and take the wooden wand. The glass case explodes and disappears. You now have all the significant objects.
  • Return to the house and enter the living room. Notice that when you right-click any of the MP3 players, a flashing headphones icon appears. You don't have any headphones to listen to the sounds but maybe you can listen through the speakers in this room. Go to the TV set and press the button on one of the stereo machines under the television to activate the wireless connection with the MP3 player. The MP3 connects to the television. Now you can listen to the sounds on the MP3 players. Go to Rhiannon's bedroom and take the physics homework out of her desk drawer. The homework suggests that wood, ceramic, plastic and paper each have a different frequency. Your significant objects are each made of wood, plastic, ceramic and paper.
  • Go to the sofa and use the 'down' arrow to sit down to get the perfect stereo experience as noted on the leaflet under the cushion on the opposite sofa. Note that the leaflet will not be available once the table is activated – the leaflet is there only to alert you to the place you should sit. The coffee table bursts into life suggesting that this is where you will transform the objects.
  • Place each object in turn on the table followed by the appropriate MP3 player. The MP3 players show where in the scale each tone is located. Referring to the physics homework, the objects need to be paired with the MP3 players as follows:The wand (wood) - Generator tone The calendar (paper) – Bathroom fan tone The hard hat (plastic) – Kitchen appliance tone The pig (ceramic) – Mill wheel tone
  • As you transform the wand, the glass wand goes to your inventory. The other objects transform and produce the air orb. Take the air orb.

The graveyard puzzle

  • You now have all the 4 orbs but which orb goes on which grave? Remember that Charles Boswell said that Rhiannon Boswell was and 'air' sign. Maybe the orbs should be placed on the graves according to the element relating to their dates of birth. Go to Rhiannon's bedroom and look at the horoscope chart on the wall. Rhiannon has place a note on the poster to indicate that she is a water sign. Go down to the car where Rhiannon's Wallace's diary can be found. Make a note of the date she says is her birthday and compare it with the horoscope chart to find that she was an 'earth' sign.
  • Go back to the graveyard and place the air orb on Rhiannon Boswell's tomb, the earth orb on the unmarked grave and the water orb on Rhiannon Sullivan's family plot (George and Lucinda Edwards). The only orb left is the fire orb. Place that on the grave with the Ogam script. Now place the glass orb in the hole in the stone along the path and watch as you counter the spell, allowing the spirits of the Rhiannon's and Pryderi to return to their graves to rest in peace and Llwyd to be destroyed.

You have mail

  • Rhiannon has returned safe and well to Pryderi and receives an email from Jon Southworth. She has sent him the diary that you found in the car. Jon has some amazing news for Rhiannon. He thought the diary looked familiar and he knew that he had be raised by adoptive parents but hadn't looked into his past before. However, the diary prompted him to do so and led him to discover that he was the Jonathan referred to in the diary. Rhiannon Wallace was his Mum and Rachel, who he has now been reconciled with, is his sister.
  • As the game finishes, the credits will run – the credits can be skipped by pressing the space-bar.

The End

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