Master Detective! Your next case will take you to snow-coverd peaks to delve into the secrets surrounding the Mountain View Hotel.

GrandMA Studios proudly presents the next exciting case in the blockbuster Mystery Case Files series!

After your last case, a ski trip is just what the doctor ordered, but this is no vacation! Step back into the shoes of the ever-scrupulous Master Detective for an unforgettable new adventure that will take you into the wilderness beyond the quiet town of Mountain View in search of a group of missing travelers, including a member of the royal family!

No Internet, no phone, just terror!

A ski resort high in the mountains hides a dark past!

Crack the Case!

The town, the hotel, and even the mountain itself hide terrible secrets that could drive a lesser detective mad. 

Challenging Puzzles

You’ll need all the skills you’ve perfected in your career to crack this case!