Hamlet Walkthrough

Welcome to the Hamlet Walkthrough! Guide the Hero as he embarks on a mind-bending mission to save Hamlet's Ophelia from the clutches of the evil Claudius! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document contains a complete Hamlet game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by BrownEyedTigre.

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General Tips

  • This is an Adventure Game.
  • Choose window mode, sound and display devices in popup on startup.
  • Click frequently on the Hero and other characters to see what they are thinking.
  • There are no penalties for random clicking.
  • Click on the “?” in the lower right if you need a hint. Hints replenish slowly and start over in each scene.
  • Press Esc key to exit game.

Act 1


Front Door

  • The objective is to find a way to get the Hero inside the building.
  • Click once on the weather controls on the right to get clouds.
  • Click on the right cloud to get rain and you will grow a flower.
  • Click on the weather controls two times to get the sun to come out and a bird will appear.
  • Click on the bird to get him to fly by the flower, and then click on the flower. The bird will catch the seed in his beak.
  • Click on the bird with the seed to make him fly back to the other side.
  • Click on the loudspeaker to scare the bird into dropping the seed.
  • You now need to water the seed to grow a climbing vine.
  • Click on the weather control two times to get clouds again.
  • Click on the left cloud to get rain to grow a climbing vine.
  • Click on the grate above the climbing vine and it falls to the ground.
  • Click on the climbing vine and the Hero will automatically enter castle.

Machine Room

  • You need to gain access to the exit door on the upper floor to the left.
  • Click the hook on the upper left which causes two more to appear on the right.
  • Click the leftmost hook and two more will drop down on the upper left.
  • Click the hook on the right and the final hook will appear directly above cage.
  • Click the hook above the cage to lift the cage out of the Hero’s way.
  • Click the ladder on the left and the Hero will automatically climb up to the next level.
  • Pull the lever on left wall to raise platform and exit.

Password Area

  • The password needed is:”Password”.
  • Spell out Password on the panel by pushing the buttons with the letters: “Pa S (2 times) W O Rd”.

Hero Meets Polonius

  • Click on the green smiley button and note that Polonius will immediately click on the sad red button.
  • Note the spider dropping down from the upper left.
  • Click on the spider and he will crawl across the top of the window panel and partially open a panel on the right.
  • Click on the loose panel cover to remove it completely and expose a green and a red wire.
  • Click on the red wire to disconnect the red smiley button.
  • Click the green button to gain entry to the room where Polonius and Ophelia are.

Polonius vs Hero

  • Click on Ophelia 2 times and the cage will drop.
  • Click on Polonius and discover that he holds a remote that controls the laser above the Hero.
  • Click on the flashing lightning bolt button to turn off laser.
  • Click on laser to point it at Polonius.
  • Click on Polonius. When he realizes the laser does not work, he throws a bomb instead.
  • Click on Polonius again and this time click on the bomb while it is in his hand.
  • When the bomb goes off, Polonius falls down and drops the remote for the laser.
  • While Polonius is on the ground, click the lightning bolt button to turn the laser back on and then click on the remote that Polonius dropped. See Polonius get zapped.

Act 2

Underwater passage

  • Note the snapping fish that are blocking the Hero’s way to Ophelia.
  • Click on the diving helmet on the river bottom 2 times and an eel will swim up and scare the fish away.
  • Click on the cage and a mine will float up and block your path.
  • Click on the Hero and notice a picture of a crab in his thought bubble.
  • Click on the picture of the crab in the Hero’s thought bubble.
  • The crab will automatically cut the chain to the mine and it will float out of your way.
  • Click on Ophelia’s cage and you both will get swallowed up by a giant fish.

Raise Cage

  • Your objective here is to remove the three penguins that are sitting on top of Ophelia’s cage.
  • Click on the window of the little hut and listen closely to the snoring.
  • When the snoring subsides a bit, click on the bell. If you click on the bell while he is snoring loudly, he will not be able to hear it.
  • The Old Man will awaken and come out on the deck when he hears the bell.
  • You will need to do the following steps 3 times, once for each penguin.
  • Click on the old man and he will automatically begin fishing.
  • When you see the bobber go up and down in the water, quickly click on the old man and he will reel in a fish.
  • When the old man hesitates a moment while reeling in the fish, click on a penguin. The penguin will leap and latch onto the fish and be reeled in with it.
  • You now need to remove the remaining penguins from the top of the cage in the water. Repeat this process two more times:Ring Bell Click on man to drop a line in water Click on man to reel in when the bobber goes up and down Click on a penguin when the fish is dangling
  • When the last penguin is gone, Ophelia’s cage will rise up from the water.
  • Click on the lock on Ophelia’s cage.

Cage Lock

  • You need to match the mouth expressions in the middle of the dial with a similar shaped letter on the dial. See diagram for correct matches.
  • When you match the correct letter to the expression a gold pointer will extend out from the middle and point to the letter. You must get all 7 correct in a row or it will reset and you will need to start over.

Evacuation Plan

  • The evacuation plan is jumbled and some pieces are missing. The old man will add the missing pieces for you automatically.
  • Click to rotate the individual squares and make a path from the running man on the upper left to the arrow on the lower right. The path will turn all gold when you have correctly completed it.

Hero vs Claudius

  • Click on the curtain and Claudius appears.
  • Click on the notes quickly to beat Claudius. They will increase by one note each time till the final round of 5 notes. If you miss a note it will start over from the beginning. The curtain will close when you have won.
  • Click on the curtain to open and see Claudius with a vial of liquid.
  • Click the pipe to the left of the Hero and a rubber duck will come out. Click on the duck 3 times till he disappears into the pipe on the right.
  • Click on the spigot above the vial by Claudius to get the rubber duck.
  • The rubber duck clogs the mouth of the potion vial and it explodes. The soldiers come and take the Hero away.

Act 3

Cargo Room

  • Click on the Hero to get thought bubble.
  • Click on the mouse hole and watch the mouse run to a box across the room.
  • Click on the box and it is now a cannon.
  • Clicking on the mouse hole again will make the mouse run across and temporarily change the direction of the cannon.
  • Click on the mouse hole to move the direction of the cannon.
  • Quickly click on cannon while it is facing right to get a hole in the ceiling.
  • Click on the hole in ceiling and a monkey will come down.
  • Click on the cannon and shoot at the Hero until the middle of his thought bubble says 2x2=5.
  • Clicking on the barrel in the upper left will always add two to the solution.
  • Click the barrel till the equation reads 2x2=3.
  • Clicking on the monkey alternates between adding and subtracting 1 to the solution.
  • Click on the monkey to subtract 1 and get the equation to read 2x2=2
  • Click on the barrel in upper left to add 2 and get the correct equation of 2x2=4. Now that the Hero has his thoughts straight, he will awaken.

Rock Paper Scissor Puzzle

  • Click on the monkey to start an old-fashioned game of rock/paper/scissors.
  • A diamond is equal to a rock, a scroll is equal to paper and scissors are scissors.
  • Choose the correct card from your set to beat the monkey’s card.
  • A scroll beats a diamond, scissors beats a scroll and a diamond beats scissors.

Ship Hull

  • Click on the hook holding the bale to clear the hero’s way.
  • Click on the ladder on the right to climb up.
  • Click on the hook holding the bale to lower the bale.
  • Click on a blank area above the bale so the Hero walks onto the bale.
  • Click the hook while you are standing on the bale in order and you will be transported to the upper deck.

Hero vs Octopus

  • Click on the grating on the left side of deck and the Hero gets captured by an Octopus.
  • Click the hook holding the bale on the right side of the deck twice till a cannon comes up.
  • Poke the octopus in the eyes and note that it uses its tentacles to rub its eyes.
  • Click on the cannon and it will fire a cannon ball into the octopuses left tentacle and eliminates it.
  • Click on both of the octopuses eyes to get him to drop you. You will need to click them quickly so he uses both tentacles at one time.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Vs the Hero

  • Click on the tentacles and see that both men are able to fend off the octopuses tentacles.
  • Click on the doors in the center to open up the control panel for the ships wheel.
  • Slide the lever for the ships wheel over to the right.
  • Now that you moved Rosencranz to the middle of the deck with the ships wheel, click on left tentacle and the Octopus will take him away.
  • Slide the lever for the ships wheel back to the left.
  • Click on the ships wheel so that the dynamite on the wheel is now pointing towards Guildenstern.
  • Click on the dynamite on the ships wheel to knock out Guildenstern.
  • Click on the right octopus tentacle and the octopus grabs Guildenstern.
  • Click on the ladder to the right and you will automatically steer back to the kingdom.

Act 4

Map to Kingdom

  • The game automatically will flash a preview of the completed map before you start.
  • You need to get the Hero to the Kingdom by choosing the correct path.
  • You get three routes to choose from each time. Only one will lead you to the castle and allow you to advance.
  • After each correct choice you will get another set to choose from. If incorrect, you will need to start over. The route always remains the same.

Crowded Courtyard

  • Click on the Hero and he will begin to make his way through the crowd.
  • You will need to find him in 15 different locations in order to gain access to Castle Elsinore.
  • You will only see the yellow top of his head or an eye in many of the locations. The Hero will automatically enter Castle Elsinore when complete.

Hallway Maze

  • Follow these steps in the maze:
Start in Room 4 Exit right to room 5 Exit right to room 3 Exit left to room 7 Exit right to room 2 Exit left to room 6 and automatically move out of maze


  • Note the location of the shapes in the room and adjust the door panels accordingly.
  • Click to change each panel as follows:Upper left – square Upper right - a plus sign Lower left - triangle Lower right - square

Hero vs. Laertes

  • Click the switch on the wall to turn on the light.
  • Note the outlet on the right wall and the lamp on the left.
  • Click on the lamp.
  • Click on the flowerpot and the lamp now appears on the right near the outlet.
  • Click on the plug at the end of the lamp cord and it automatically plugs into wall and turns on.
  • Click on plugged in lamp to defeat Laertes.

Act 5


  • Click on Ophelia and she states that most people believe horses are color blind.
  • Click on horse to get thought bubble.
  • Note that the only part not in color in each of the horse’s thought bubble is a black dot.
  • Click on the black dot in the horse’s thought bubble. Repeat 4 times.

Secret Hideout Door

  • Click on the door 50 times to open.
  • Hero gets knocked out and meets the Grim Reaper.

Hero vs. Grim Reaper

  • Click on the different sections of the wheel to see what color is on each section.
  • Look at the Grim Reaper’s eye color and click on the corresponding color on the wheel.
  • You must get 21 correct in a row to complete.
  • The hourglass appears.
  • Click on the pellet in the hourglass and you will see an arrow indicating trajectory paths.
  • Click on the new path that is added every seventh cycle.

Hero vs. Claudius - Final Battle

  • Click on the lever by Claudius and as he pulls it a random placed target appears.
  • You must click on the target and then immediately click on the target that comes up by the upper right arm. It is easiest to click on the target when it appears on the top since it is closest to the arm location.
  • Congratulations! You have Completed Hamlet!

Created at: 2010-05-12