Scratches: The Director's Cut Walkthrough

Welcome to the Scratches: Director's Cut Walkthrough! Help writer Michael Arthate explore the Blackwood house! Follow mysteries through the house and dive into secrets of the past! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document contains a complete Scratches game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by Chie, and is protected under US Copyright laws. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.

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General Tips

Scratches: Director's Cut
  • You can change players by clicking on the player name at the bottom of the main menu.
  • In the setup menu you can turn on hints, turn off the music, adjust the text speed, turn on slide show mode, and adjust various other settings.
  • Use the left mouse button to interact with any object. Use the right mouse button to open and close your inventory.
  • Your inventory is where you will be keeping all the objects you find in the game world.
  • There are a few different cursors that tell you what you can do in the environment.
  • The finger cursor tells you that you can move in that direction.
  • At the bottom of the screen it shows you that you can go back (A).
  • The magnifying glass cursor means you can inspect something (B).
  • The open hand cursor means you can either take an item or interact with it in some way (C).
  • When you use your inventory items on places in the world, the item will glow if it is over something that you can interact with.
  • If the item is not glowing you cannot use an item in that spot.

Saturday, October 12th

Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Open your inventory by right clicking to check your inventory items. You have a JOURNAL, MAGNIFYING GLASS, HOUSE KEY, SUITCASE and TYPEWRITER.
  • To close your inventory, right click again.
  • Enter the green car to get the CAR KEY on the dash board on the left.
  • Leave the car by clicking near the bottom right of the screen.
  • Turn around and open the mail box by the front gate.
  • Click on the chain on the gate to check that it is locked.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Turn around and go straight to the house.
  • Open your inventory by right clicking.
  • Click the house key.
  • Close your inventory by right clicking.
  • Drag the HOUSE KEY to the doorknob to open it and then go inside the house.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Turn left to the reception hall.
  • You will hear the phone ringing there: pick up the phone and talk with Jerry (1).
  • If the phone is not ringing, you can just pick it up and call Jerry.
  • Return to the main hall.
  • Check the clock (2). It always shows your progress in the game. The time in the game is not free; it only advances when you do something important to the storyline.
  • On the right side at the main hall is the living room (3).
  • The door at (4) goes to dining room.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Enter the living room.
  • Take look at the journal on the coffee table in the middle of the room (5).
  • Try to turn on the light near the door to realize that there is no electricity (6).
  • No light switch will ever turn on a light in this game. You will have to find other ways to light dark places.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Enter the study room and click on the desk.
  • Take look the diary on the desk (7).
  • Open the drawer from the top. Take the ENVELOPE (8).
  • Open the third drawer. Take the PICK (9).
  • Go back to the living room and take a look at the low table and fire place.
  • Enter the dining room from the blue double door.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Check the drawers, switches, paintings and liquor cabinet.
  • Enter the small back hall from the door on the right.
  • Turn around and open the curtain to look outside (10).
  • Enter the kitchen from the right door (11).
  • The door on the other side is to go back to dining room (12).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Open the drawer near the sink.
  • Open the second drawer and take the KNIFE.
  • Check the wall with cans and bottles in the other side. There is the empty key holder on the wall.
  • Turn left to check that the blue door is closed. This is the door to the cellar.
  • Open the green door to enter the maid’s room.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Open the drawer on the side table beside the bed. There is book on photography.
  • Look closer to the desk on the corner.
  • Grab the PAPER with marks circled in purple on top of the desk (A).
  • Open the top drawer on the desk.
  • Take the PENCIL circled in red and click the picture circled in green under them to look at it (B).
  • Open your inventory and drag the PENCIL over to the PAPER (C). You will see the letter is written by Italian.
  • Take look at the red book about photographers.
  • Enter the bathroom from the door (D).
  • See four photos that are hanging and the photo in the tub.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the small back hall through the kitchen.
  • You can find same striped vase here beside the stairs that was in the picture that you found in the maid’s room.
  • Click on the hole of the stripe vase to zoom in. You have to click the hole or else it will not zoom in.
  • Take the GOLDEN KEY from inside the vase.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the kitchen behind you.
  • Open the blue door with the GOLDEN KEY that you took from the vase in your inventory.
  • Go down stairs the stairs to the cellar.
  • Look closer at the fuse box. Pull the both levers and you will find that they don’t work.
  • Check pipes, valve and the handle and then return to the small back hallway.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Move upstairs (1) by way of the stairs at the end of the hall.
  • Turn right at the top of the stairs and enter the hallway (2).
  • Enter the guest room in the end of the hall (3).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Click the desk on the right to investigate it further.
  • Open the inventory and take the typewriter.
  • Place it on the desk.
  • Place the suitcase onto the next side desk.
  • Open the suitcase and take the PEN and MATCHES.
  • Click to look at the book, note book, business card and the letter.
  • Open the drawer on the desk. See the drawing of children.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Move to the fireplace.
  • Open the silver bag beside the fireplace.
  • Take the STETHOSCOPE and see the two pictures.
  • Look around the room and exit.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Enter the main bedroom on the left with the single door.
  • Check the small mirror on the drawer in the right.
  • Click the small mirror on the right to check the painting.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Open all the drawers near the bed.
  • Check the broken clock in the upper right drawer.
  • Check all drawers and paining on the wall and then exit the room.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Enter the gallery with double doors across the main bedroom.
  • Check the lion claw necklace immediately to the right of the door.
  • Look the masks and art on the wall.
  • Exit the room and go to the bathroom with stained glass windows beside the stairs.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Open the all drawers under the washbasin.
  • Take the RAG in the middle drawer at the bottom.
  • Exit the bathroom.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Take the stairs to the next floor above this one.
  • There are two doors that you can open.
  • Enter the right door to go to under construction bathroom.
  • Look down in the right corner of the room at the pile of bricks.
  • Click again to zoom in and take the METAL ROD circled in yellow in the screenshot.
  • Turn around and exit the room with the door the left. The opposite door from the one you came in.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Look closer at the stove in the right side of the room.
  • Put the METAL ROD from your inventory to the missing hole on the stove.
  • You can’t use the stove yet so exit this area.
  • Back in the main hall, the other door beside the stairs to the attic is locked.
  • Move to the work room past the wooden stairs.
  • Take a look at all of the junk in this area, but there is nothing else to do here at this time.
  • Climb the stone spiral staircase.
  • There are two windows that you can open, but you can’t do anything else here yet.
  • Return to the hall and climb the wooden stairs to go to the attic.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Open the door to the attic.
  • Take look the gramophone in the right corner by the door.
  • Open the chest under the window.
  • Get the LAMP and see the pictures nearby it (1).
  • Check the pile of newspaper beside the chest for information.
  • You will be coming back to these newspapers when you have dates to research.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Turn around and zoom in the music box in the left corner of the room.
  • Open the music box.
  • Place the glass flower in the hole by clicking on it.
  • Turn the key on the right. The flower will turn and you will hear some music.
  • Exit the room and return back to the ground floor.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the reception room where the phone is.
  • Call Jerry to ask about the electricity.
  • Call Barbara twice. You have to talk about the ITALIAN LETTER with her.
  • Open your inventory and put the ITALIAN LETTER into the EMPTY ENVELOPE.
  • Drag the PENCIL over to ENVELOPE with the ITALIAN LETTER to write the address.
  • Go out to the front gate where you started the game.
  • Click on the mail box and read the letter from the electrician.
  • Put the ENVELOPE from the inventory into the mail box. If you skip this step, you can’t move to next day.
  • Return to the reception room in the house.
  • Call Jerry again. He will ask Michel to get some candles.
  • If you have all the inventory items that we have mentioned so far, you can call Jerry again.
  • If you can’t call Jerry you are missing inventory items, check the attic, work room, dining room and the basement again.
  • Call Jerry again and then leave the house.
  • Go to your car near the front gate.
  • Use the CAR KEY from the inventory and put it in to the key hole in the right.
  • You will see that the battery is dead and the car won’t move.
  • Return to the house and call Jerry again.
  • Learn about the murder and Jane Blackwood in May 1963.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return upstairs and go to the attic.
  • Click on the pile of newspapers. Automatically, one article about the murder in May 1963 will show up.
  • Return to the guest bedroom and click on the bed to go to sleep.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • When you have nightmare, you have to exit room and enter the gallery.
  • Turn around to the left and see the door with some boards.
  • Take the HAMMER on the floor and then you will wake up.
  • Click the fireplace in the room to investigate it further.
  • Use the STETHOSCOPE on the wall in the fireplace to hear the noise that woke you up.
  • Exit the room and go downstairs to the living room.
  • Check the fireplace with the STETHOSCOPE.
  • You will see the noise is come from below the fireplace.
  • Move to the kitchen.
  • Try to go cellar, but you won’t be able to continue because you don’t have light source.
  • Return to the guest bedroom and click on the bed to go back to sleep.

Sunday, October 13th

Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Once you wake up, if you haven’t done so already, click on the painting of the woman in red holding a crystal ball.
  • Click the crystal ball to reveal a safe behind the painting (1).
  • Go downstairs and answer the phone if it is ringing, if not call Jerry and ask him about the combination to the safe.
  • He tells you the combination to the save is 3, 2, and 11. Return upstairs to the master bedroom and click on the safe to input the combination.
  • The combination is inputted automatically, so you don’t need to remember it.
  • Once you open the safe take the BLUE KEY and read the construction contract and see the bank’s number at the bottom – 01912 – 94144 (2).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Exit the bedroom and go down to the end of the hall and walk upstairs to the second floor.
  • Walk past the stairs the go to the attic – towards the spiral stair case in the back – and look at the door to the left, underneath the wooden stairs to the attic.
  • If you click on the doorknob it will tell you there is a key still in the key hole.
  • Look to the left of the door and pick up the NEWSPAPER (1).
  • Take the NEWSPAPER from your inventory and use it at the bottom of the door (2).
  • Use the PICK on the keyhole of the door to knock out the key (3).
  • Click the NEWSPAPER to pick it up, but you will fail to get the key (4).
  • Then use the BLUE KEY (5) on the door and it will be unlock.
  • Go through the door.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Through the door will be a room full of paintings and construction materials.
  • To the right of the room is a table, to the right of the large easel. Move closer to this table.
  • On the left of the table is a set of blueprints for the building click on them and click on every room noted in the blueprints to see what the room is (1).
  • On the “First Floor” blueprints is a room circled in blue in the screenshot (2). Click this room to find the secret room that you haven’t visited yet.
  • After this exit the blueprints and collect the PAINT CAN LID and the KEY on the table (3).
  • Back away from the table and turn to the left to find the HAMMER on the stool. Collect it as well (4).
  • Exit the room to the left, going through the door to the right of the one you came in.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Climb the ladder in the next room.
  • At the top of the ladder will be some cans of oil. Take the small OIL CAN circled in yellow (1).
  • Use the RAG on the dusty can circled in blue to find out it is filled with kerosene. (2).
  • Use the PICK on the can of kerosene and then the LANTERN on the can to fill the LANTERN with gas (3, 4).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Back out of the scene on top of the ladder once and you will see a rope at the top of the screen.
  • Cut the rope with the KNIFE from your inventory (1).
  • Back out of the ladder and look on the floor to collect the ROPE (2).
  • Leave this room through the door to the left of the ladder in order to open that door up for future use.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the first floor, to the area to the left of the door to the master bedroom.
  • Use the KNIFE from your inventory on this area to reveal a bricked up door.
  • Go upstairs again, past the door to the attic and up the spiral staircase in the corner.
  • Open the first window and look outside, you will see the roof of the building but no way to get down.
  • Go to the top of the spiral staircase.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Use the ROPE on the lantern above the crack in the wall (1).
  • Use the HAMMER on the cracks in the wall below the lantern to make a hole (2).
  • Click the rope coiled on the floor to put the rope through the hole you just made (3).
  • Go back to the first window. You will have to go to the bottom of the stairs and come back up.
  • In the top right corner of the window you will be able to see the rope. Click it to move it to the middle of the screen (4).
  • Climb down the rope 4 times to get to the secret room.
  • Click on the window to open it and click again to enter the secret room.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Now that you are in the secret room, look around at all the various objects in the room: the blocks, rocking-horse, brick wall, picture on the dresser and angel on the wall.
  • Note that the blocks have letters as well as numbers on them. This will be used in a puzzle later.
  • Open the dresser and click on the birth certificate circled in yellow in the screenshot.
  • Note the date in the birth certificate – August 7th, 1961 – and that the name of the child has been scratched out.
  • The room obviously used to be a nursery.
  • Leave through the window and go back to the second floor.
  • Go back to the attic, but going up the wooden stairs on the second floor and find the pile of newspapers.
  • When you click on the pile this time, there will be two dates to choose from. Click on 1961 to look for information about the child.
  • You will find news about the death of the Blackwood’s child in that year.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the gallery on the first floor. It is the room with the two large blue doors, across from the master bedroom where you found the safe.
  • In the back left corner of the room is a large case with two elephant tusks in it. Click on it to move forward and then examine the bottom of it.
  • Click your knife on the bottom board of the case to remove it (1).
  • Use the OILCAN on the two wheels to the left and the right to loosen them up so that you can move the case (2).
  • Click the handle to move the case out of the way and find a boarded up door.
  • Use the HAMMER anywhere on the door to remove the boards and then click the doorknob to enter the new room (4).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Once in the secret room you will need to have a light source.
  • Click the MATCHES in your inventory on the OIL LAMP (1).
  • Then use the OIL LAMP anywhere in the scene to turn on the light (2).
  • After turning on the light investigate everything in the room, including the mask in the middle and the dark corner to the left.
  • Click the wood pieces in front of the window to the right to remove them and put some light on the corner of the room (3).
  • Read the documents in the previously dark area (4).
  • Go back to the guest bedroom and work on the typewriter. Click the paper to the right of the typewriter to start working.
  • After you have finished writing click on the paper to read it and the typewriter again to hear Michael’s thoughts about the mystery.
  • Leave the bedroom and go back downstairs to call Jerry.
  • After all of this, go back up to the guest bedroom and go to sleep.
  • Again you will awake in the middle of the night thinking something isn’t right.
  • Go to the Gallery and enter the boarded up room, the mask will be gone.
  • Exit the room and the mask will be waiting for you in the gallery and you will then awake from the nightmare.
  • Go to the gallery to check to see if the mask really moved. It didn’t.
  • Go down to the cellar to search for the source of the sound. Go down to the kitchen at ground level and take the small door to the right to enter the cellar.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Again use the MATCHES on the LANTERN and the LANTERN on the room to light the room up (1,2).
  • Go down the stairs into the cellar and click on the furnace. Click on it again to enter the furnace and travel all the way to the end (3).
  • You will see what you think is a person through a grate that is past the hole at the end of the tunnel.
  • Exit the furnace and hear the mysterious sound again and return to the kitchen.
  • The oil in the LANTERN will be all used up. Go back to bed.

Monday, October 14th

Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Wake up and go downstairs, you will notice that the house is a lot colder.
  • Go downstairs to the main floor and find the fireplace in the room to the opposite side of door to the outside.
  • Click on the fireplace to get a closer look and use the MATCHES from your inventory on the firewood to light it.
  • Walk over to the phone and call Jerry again. He will say he is coming to the house to pick you up.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Leave the house through the front door and continue towards the front gate, turning left to go to the garage.
  • Use the SILVER KEY on the gate to open it.
  • On the inside of the garage you will see a bicycle to the left. Clicking on the pedals will generate electricity and power the light on the bike.
  • On the right side is a spooky old truck.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Towards the back of the shop is a bench with tools all over it.
  • Click on the bench to get a closer look.
  • Click on the tool box to look inside (1).
  • Inside the toolbox is a set of PLIERS and a SCREWDRIVER (2) both circled in yellow in the screenshot.
  • Back out of the tool bench scene and look to the right. Click on the CROWBAR to collect that as well (3).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the manor and go up the stairs beside the door.
  • In the master bedroom, to the left of the painting with the safe behind it, there is a small mirror on a bureau in front of a large round mirror.
  • Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the round MIRROR part from the base and then take it.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Exit the master bedroom and go through the hall to the stairs. Take the stairs to the bottom floor and go to the kitchen.
  • Exit the house from the kitchen side and continue forward until you make it to the crypt.
  • Use the PLIERS on the wires locking the crypt door shut (1). You will receive the WIRES in your inventory.
  • Inside the crypt, go all the way to the back of the room, on the right and click on the two caskets to search inside them (2).
  • The top casket is completely empty and the lower casket has a decomposing body in it.
  • Back out of this scene and click at the very bottom of the caskets, to the inscription in front of them.
  • In this close up scene you can see the names of the deceased and collect a small rock (3).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • There is the staircase in the left in the scene. That goes down under the crypt. Go below and investigate the caskets down there.
  • One of the coffins will be smaller than the rest. Try to read the label underneath it and you will find out you need more light (1).
  • Go up to the ground level of the crypt and use the STONE from your inventory on the windows in the ceiling (2).
  • The STONE will bounce off and fall down below. Go down the stairs and find it in the corner at the bottom of the stairs. Pick the STONE up (3).
  • Use the STONE on the windows again to smash one open and reveal some light.
  • Check the label in front of the casket again; you still won’t have enough light (5).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Move up the stairs and look to the left of the room, above the staircase.
  • There is a candle holder there that has some light hitting it from the hole in the ceiling.
  • There are many other candle holders in the room, but you are looking for the one with light hitting it near the stairs.
  • Use the WIRES on the MIRROR in your inventory (1).
  • Use the WIRED MIRROR from your inventory on it to illuminate the label below (2).
  • Once you can read the label, you will see that most of it has been worn away. Only an R--- is visible.
  • Return to the manor and call Jerry. He will tell you about the death of James Blackwood on July, 1963.
  • Call the bank by selected “Another Number” at the bottom of the call menu and entering: 0191294144 – the number you found in the safe.
  • Ask about James Blackwood, Christopher Milton and recent activities.
  • Don’t worry if you ask the wrong question; it is not necessary for winning the game.
  • Go back up stairs and up the stairs again. Find the stairs to the attic and go look at the pile of newspapers again.
  • Search for anything of interest in June, 1963 and you will find a William Baily’s phone number – the police chief at the time of Blackwood’s death.
  • Go downstairs and call the number from the note on the newspaper: 0166565217.
  • You will have a long conversation with the retired police chief and learn a few new pieces of information.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Leave the house out the front door, beside the stairs.
  • Travel to the left of the fountain and go straight to the front gate.
  • At the left of the gate will be a post office box. Open it and take the translated note from your assistant and read it.
  • In the note the maid will talk about a secret compartment near her bed in the maid’s quarters where she hid some important information.
  • Return to the manor and go to the kitchen. The door to the left of the attic is the maid’s room.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Enter the maid’s room and go in one step. Turn around and move towards the maid’s bed and bed stand.
  • Click again to zoom in on the maid’s bed stand. There is a square that can be removed below the small table (1).
  • Open that compartment up and take out the photo.
  • See the shadow on the photo to find out exactly where Blackwood buried his wife (2).
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Exit the maid’s room and go to the door to the right of that to go down in the cellar.
  • Because it is still light out you no longer need the lantern to see.
  • Go down the stairs and to the very back on the right side and find a water value.
  • The value is too tough to turn by yourself, but you can use the CROWBAR on it (1) and then hit the crowbar with the HAMMER to open up the valve (2).
  • After opening the water, click the CROWBAR to collect it again (3). You never know when that might be useful again.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Next return to the other side of the manor and exit out the front door.
  • Immediately turn to the right and walk straight at the fork in the road.
  • Travel forward until you reach the greenhouse.
  • Use the OIL CAN from your inventory on the greenhouse door to open it (1).
  • Straight forward there will be a sparkle on the ground. You can click on it but won’t be able to collect it yet (2).
  • Go around the middle tree and go up the stairs at the other side.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • After getting to the top of the stairs and going forward once you will see a shovel sticking out of the dirt.
  • You can click on it, but you will not be able to remove it from the dirt yet (1), because the dirt is dry and hard.
  • Look at the rope on the ground. You cannot pick it up but if you click on the bottom of it, that will feed it down to the lower level (2).
  • Then you can click on the top part (3) and wrap it around the shovel’s base.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Turn around and walk towards the work station at the other side of the walk way.
  • Click it again for a closer view.
  • Open the left drawer and read the notes on the card (4).
  • Open the right drawer and collect the GARDEN SHEARS (5).
  • Use the GARDEN SHEARS on the potted plant at the left of the table (6) and you will automatically collect some LEAVES in your inventory.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return downstairs and at the bottom of the stairs look at the middle of the room. You should see a faucet near the ground.
  • Click to see the faucet closer.
  • Click the rope to attach it to the faucet (7).
  • Click the faucet to start the water going and water the base of the shovel (8).
  • Go back upstairs and remove the SHOVEL from the dirt (9).
  • Go back to the faucet and remove the rope by clicking it. Keep the water on so that you can wash the shiny object into a more reachable place.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Move halfway around the base of the tree and look to your left. There will be a fallen tree in the drain.
  • Click on the tree to get a closer look.
  • Use the GARDEN SHEARS on the tree to prune away the leaves that are blocking the drain (10).
  • Move to where the shiny object was, if you click on it and wait it will disappear.
  • Exit the greenhouse and go 2 scenes forward. Then turn to your right and go another scene forward.
  • Look in the pool of water in the middle of the screen.
  • You will find a SMALL KEY circled in red in the screenshot. This is the same small shiny object that you saw before in the greenhouse.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the manor house and go through the kitchen, into the dining room and take the double doors to the left to enter the study.
  • When you are in the study go to the desk in front of you.
  • Use the SMALL KEY on the top drawer on the right side (1).
  • Inside that drawer will be a letter for your to read (2) and a small box (3).
  • The small box requires a password to open it.
  • The password is all numbers and requires a little bit of detective work to figure out.
  • If you remember the only place in the game with numbers was the phone numbers which are too long and the numbers on the blocks in the nursery room that had been boarded up.
  • We know the first letter of the child’s name was R, so search for that block and find it has a number 5 on it.
  • The blocks below it spell out the end of what could be the child’s name: O-B-I-N. Plus R at the beginning and that spells ROBIN. There aren’t any other names spelled out in the letters so that should be it.
  • Check the numbers beside each letter and you will get the password 59097.
  • Go back to the office and enter that password on the case. The numbers on the image of the case won’t change, but the current combination will be written at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on number to advance it by one.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Once the box is open, you will find it is empty.
  • Click the middle of the box until it turns to the left (1).
  • Then click hole in the left side of the box circled in red (2). You should hear a clicking sound.
  • Do the same thing to the right side. Click the middle until it points to the right (3) and then click the wall on the right side with the hole in it (4).
  • Return the middle part to the center position (5) and then click the large empty space at (6) to open the secret compartment.
  • There is an ORNATE KEY in the box and some money. This key must go to the chapel on the grounds.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Exit the mansion from the front door again and turn to the right.
  • Go towards the greenhouse but then follow the dirt path to the left instead and head towards the chapel.
  • Use the ORNATE KEY on the door to the chapel (1).
  • Once inside turn to the right and go up the spiral staircase.
  • At the top of the staircase will be an alcove with a dresser at the end.
  • Click on the dresser to investigate it and then open it.
  • Click the top drawer and take out the Bible that is in the drawer (2).
  • Turn the pages of the Bible until you get to a page with a large cutout and a NAIL hidden inside it. Take the NAIL (3).
  • Go back down the spiral staircase.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Move towards the altar at the back of the room and go around the right side to the back of it.
  • Look down at the space right behind the altar and right in front of the statue.
  • Use the CROWBAR to lift up the panel with the ring and the chain underneath it (4).
  • Move forward one step and look at the feet of the statue of Jesus.
  • Use the NAIL from your inventory on the hole in the statue’s feet (5).
  • Look up to the top of the statue and use the CROWBAR to straighten the “INRI” sign above the statue’s head (6).
  • You will then see a secret passage open up underneath the altar.
  • Enter the secret room by clicking forward and then clicking on the smoke filled hole under the altar.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • When you first enter the secret room, it will be very dark.
  • Turn to the left and find a candlestick.
  • Use the MATCHES on the candlestick to light up the room (7).
  • Turn around and go to the desk at the other side of the small room.
  • On the desk you will find some more diary pages and notes (8).
  • Reading all the notes will tell you how to make an amulet to release the evil spirits that are trapped in this place.
  • Click on the STICK to the right of the notes to collect that into your inventory (9).
  • Return to the house and call Jerry to tell him about all the things you’ve found so far.
  • Exit the building and go to the front gate again. You will notice that someone has been here recently.
  • Open the mail box and read the eviction notice.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Back away from the gate and go to the car.
  • Click on the trunk and then take the BATTERY (1).
  • Go to the shed, to the right on your way back to the house, and examine the bike.
  • Place the BATTERY from your inventory on the box to the right of the bike to set it down (2).
  • Click on the device above the back wheel to hook the battery up to the bike generator (3).
  • Click the pedals once to charge the battery and then pick it back up (4).
  • Return to the car and put the BATTERY back in the engine compartment in the back of the car (5). Close the door.
  • Go around to the front and get in the driver’s side of the car – the right side since this is in England.
  • Click the key to start the car (6).
  • You still have some unfinished business, so you must return to the manor.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Walk back to the manor and go towards the chapel.
  • On your way there, right after you turn to the right on the dirt path, you will see the same scene that was in the photograph in the maid’s room.
  • Use the SHOVEL on the very tip of the shadow of the building as seen in the photograph (1).
  • If you hit the wrong spot, back out and try again until you find the right spot.
  • The correct location is at the very top of the clickable area.
  • When you get the correct location you will dig up the skeleton of Mrs. Blackwood.
  • Use the PLIERS on the skeleton’s teeth to take one TOOTH, in order to make the amulet you need a piece of the victim.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Back out to close up the hole in the yard and re-bury the skeleton.
  • Return to the mansion and go up the stairs to the first floor.
  • Go through the large double doors to enter the gallery and turn to the right.
  • There will be a mannequin with a tiger claw pendant on it.
  • Use the PLIERS on the pendant to remove the CLAW.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Travel through the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen again.
  • Walk to in front of the sink and then turn around and look at the table.
  • Click on the coffee grinder to get a closer look.
  • Click the lid of the grinder to open it (1).
  • Use the TOOTH from your inventory on the open grinder (2).
  • Close it by clicking the metal base (3) and then click the handle at the top to grind the tooth (4).
  • Click at the bottom of the base to open the door (5) and click the powder to remove the TOOTH POWDER (6).
  • Follow the same steps to grind up the CLAW and receive the CLAW POWDER.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Leave the kitchen and go up the stairs to the first floor.
  • Go up the next stairs to the second floor and go to the two doors on the wall to near the stairs to the attic.
  • Pick the left door and go end of the room, where there is a small electric stove.
  • In your inventory add the CLAW POWDER and the TOOTH POWDER together (1).
  • Then add the two POWDERS to the LEAVES from the strange African plant that you collected in the greenhouse.
  • Put the PAINT CAN LID on the top of the stove (3).
  • Add the POWDER AND LEAVES MIXTURE to the top of the lid (4) and then use the MATCHES from your inventory to light the stove (5).
  • This will harden the materials together to make a small STONE.
  • Take the STONE and go back downstairs to the gallery.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • This will harden the materials together to make a small STONE.
  • Take the STONE and go back downstairs to the gallery.
  • Enter the gallery double doors and go to the secret room that you found before with the large mask.
  • In your inventory add the STONE to the end of the STICK (1) to make an AMULET.
  • Then use the AMULET on the large mask to finally rid the evil from this place.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Leave the gallery and go downstairs to the fireplace in the sitting room.
  • Click on the fireplace to inspect it further.
  • Remove the debris sitting on top of the grate at the bottom of the fireplace (1).
  • Open the gate and go down into the secret tunnel (2).
  • Down in the secret dungeon, open up the wooden door (3).
  • Go inside the door, and click on the hole at the back of the next room.
  • Watch the final cut scene.

The Last Visit

Scratches: Director's Cut
  • After the game has finished, you can now start the bonus content.
  • Start a new game (1) and choose “The Last Visit” at the bottom of the screen (2).
  • In the Last Visit you will be a reporter coming back to the mansion years after the last game took place.
  • After you start the game, go to the shed at the right side.
  • If you try to click on the door, the shed will be too full of junk to open up.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Look over at the right and pick up the empty PAINT CAN.
  • Go back towards the house and go to the left, towards where the greenhouse used to be.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • You will be blocked from continuing by a large puddle of water.
  • Use the PAINT CAN on the water to collect it.
  • Enter the house and go down the tunnel in the fireplace again.
  • The door in the dungeon will be open.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Move to the hole in the back of the room again and you will see a small object shining in the dark (1).
  • Try to collect it and a hand will stop you front grabbing it.
  • Leave the dungeon and go back upstairs.
  • Exit the house and look at the ground to the right of the main entryway.
  • There will be a small hole in the ground.
  • Use the WATER from the PAINT CAN on the hole (2).
  • Go back to the water that was blocking your path and use the EMPTY PAINT CAN on it again to collect more water.
  • Go back into the house and down into the dungeon to collect the shiny object in the hole now.
  • You will get a DOORKNOB.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • There are a few places in the house that are missing a doorknob.
  • Go back upstairs and walk through the dining room to the kitchen.
  • Use the DOORKNOB from your inventory on the kitchen door (3) and then open it.
  • Once in the kitchen go down into the basement.
  • In the basement you will find a RAG (4) in the back right corner of the room and a box with some CLEANING FLUID in a cardboard box beside it (5).
  • Collect them both.
Scratches: Director's Cut
  • Return to the other side of the house and go upstairs.
  • Go to the very end of the hallway and go inside the bathroom.
  • In your inventory use the CLEANING FLUID on the RAG (6).
  • You will have a RAG WITH CLEANING FLUID now in your inventory.
  • Use the RAG WITH CLEANING FLUID on the window to get more light into the room (7).
  • Go to the right and click on the shower curtain to look inside the bathtub.
  • There you will see the mask again. Click on it.
  • Leave the bathroom and walk all the way down the hall to the stairs. You will hear the music change.
  • Go back to the bathroom and open the curtain to the bathtub again.
  • From here on the game is finished and you can watch the final cut scene for the bonus content.
  • Congratulations! You Finished Scratches: The Director’s Cut!

Created at: 2011-02-24